Questions on product management?
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Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Google, or how to manage and ship a large scale commercial software?

Have your product management questions answered by Chris Sells, Sr. product Manager Google during our Q&A this Saturday 21st November (AEST)-

If you haven't yet there's still time to RSVP HERE:

sam@cashcoach · 95d ago

A founder community is probably not the best place to post links that ask "Would you like to work for Google?". · 94d ago

I think a founder community is the perfect place to post links to free content from industry insiders that could give founders insights to how they could improve their products or run their startup, even if 100% of the content doesn't apply to them. · 100d ago

If you have questions about Flutter development or the bloc library, ask its creator Felix Angelov at our exclusive online event this Sat 21st November -

If you haven't yet there's still time to RSVP HERE:

manojranaweera · 100d ago

Nah! I am so far away from Google, they don't inspire me. I prefer to learn from founders and companies who are a bit ahead of me.

Something I wrote today

Don't forget, Google kills many products and very rarely get something right. As tech startups, we don't have the luxuries they have, but they don't also have the luxuries we have, i.e. ability to change rapidly.

All the best Andrew. · 94d ago

Keep grinding Manoj love what you're doing!