Anyone else think Pioneer changed something this week?
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I'll wait for some feedback before posting my thoughts. Curious if anybody noticed the same things I did.

rishi · 658d ago

Hey all! We're investigating.

Edit: nothing out of the ordinary here -- I've followed up with a few folks separately.

gharana · 658d ago

Yeah... got half the feedback (4 people), as opposed to the usual 9-10. Even though this was my week of greatest progress :/

ZESHAMA · 658d ago

Something is happening for sure. We did not get any feedback this week also on voting we were #30 in a matter of seconds we got to #90 now we're back to #30 · 658d ago

I think they update the scores in batches of 3 or 4. I notice each week that just after voting our rank moves around wildly a few times before settling.

krcnow · 658d ago

Maybe you didn't receive the mail which I think is an ongoing issue. Check your submissions and the feedback link on the top right.

ZESHAMA · 658d ago

Yeah it's saying "You didn't receive any feedback during this round of voting."

krcnow · 658d ago

Wow! That's weird. No idea until someone from Pioneer notices this and chips in.

manojranaweera · 655d ago

The feedback I am getting is less - can't complain as progress has been slow. At the same time, I have missed reviewing others, so cannot complain.

joncowley · 658d ago

Yep - pretty big drop after a good week. Was top 50 two weeks ago and now not in the top 100. Might also simply be that more startups are getting into the system and the talent bar is rising.

phoenixdo · 658d ago

All good on my end. Did receive a relatively high number of downvotes but stayed the same relative position. · 658d ago

Yeah as others have said we had a lot less feedback than usual and lower raw scores also, but it didn't seem to affect our ranking (we had a good week). I also thought the matches were a bit different than usual.

PatrickW · 658d ago

I haven't noticed anything new, but the website crashed when I was voting yesterday.

davidcrombie · 658d ago

No problems here.