Looking for help with votes + win a trip to Taiwan to save on startup bootstrapping
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Hi guys,

We're participating in something called Asia Super Team organized by the Taiwanese govt where there are also prizes to win round trips + accomodation to Taiwan next year. What we would suggest to people is to actually stay and bootstrap if you do win since the cost of living is quite low at around $800/mnth and closer to $1500 in Taipei and the internet is top 5-10 fast globally and usually symmetrical.

There are TWO chances to win. 1) Just from voting (bad odds) 2) if we manage to win overall (popularity contest only counts for 20% on scoring) we'll have a MINIMUM of 20 flights to allocate between our own community/team and others that helped us win. If you would love to go to Taiwan vs just helping another Pioneer, please leave a comment #taiwan so I can know to prioritise you later.

We're playing for 3rd place since there point difference between 1st and 3rd is fairly minor and we need at least another 100 votes to get there. You can vote twice per day (once on FB and once on Twitter) and it ends Sunday.

When you do vote, vote for Balance Gaming Network and for the country selection if you're from outside Asia, just pick Thailand (or any country). You can be flown out from anywhere globally. Here's the link


PS this is a bit last minute since we got busy in a good way, got an investment offer + lined up some other business but still on track to win potentially. Would be great if this showed the power of the Pioneer community (in voting) :D haha

SamStowers · 18d ago

Just saw this and tried to vote, but the contest already ended. I wish you'd posted sooner - would've loved to visit Taiwan. :)

Best of luck to you!

braddwyer · 19d ago

Awesome. We love #taiwan. Joseph and I visited and worked from Taipei for a week last winter. We got to meet fellow Pioneer Harrison Lo in Tamsui as well! Too bad with coronavirus I think it'd be hard to visit again.


Thats awesome man. Yeah I'm trying to do the biggest part of this challenge 5 day tour on the last day, that will be my pioneer feedback ask this week along with posting in here. Didnt know another Pioneer was there, would be nice to arrange :) They are technically open and Thailand has dropped all country restrictions too just today. Just have to do the quarantine