Early stage investment Pt 2.
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Some time ago I posted a thread about sources of early stage investment (https://frontier.pioneer.app/posts/8bdf3c67-early-stage-investment)

100channels.co was awesome enough to put it into a directory! Check it out: https://100channels.co/d/early-stage-investment

Add any suggestions below and we'll add to the list.

oras · 26d ago

Thank you for the great list.
What is the average MRR threshold to raise a seed fund under 500K$?

It would be great to make your list as a table (airtable or similar) with some requirements.

andrew-miit.co · 24d ago

That really varies significantly by investor. Some (though admittedly a shrinking class) will invest in idea stage or MVP eg https://www.hustlefund.vc/. Others like https://launchaccelerator.co/ want $5k+ in MRR with 20%+ growth m/o/m.