WeFocus - Virtual Coworking Space with Gamification
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[Currently it only works on desktops]

Project Description:

There are many benefits to working/studying from home, from eliminating the time you spend on commuting every day to having a flexible work environment. However, many people experience the same problems from working from home and these are loneliness and the loss of social pressure. WeFocus will let people create virtual coworking environments with gamified elements to allow people to measure and improve productivity and connect your friends at the same time.

How it works:
1. Start a party
2. Share your URL with your friends/coworkers
3. Pomodoro 25 minutes with absolute focus (will add 50min and longer later)
4. Take a break for 5 minutes (This will be customizable and this is your chance to connect with people)
5. Level up after completing each pomodoro
and repeat :)

Video Conference
Virtual Pomodoro Timer

We didn't quiet finish everything we wanted but we're planning on adding gamification elements such as:
- Experience/Level by using the pomodoro as the proof of work.
- Rankings and Tiers
- Quests
- Lobby with public rooms (meet new people and get to know them in your pomodoro breaks)
- Friend list (Remember the good ol' MSN days where you knew who's actually online? We're planning on bring that back)

Team members:
Charles Han
Kohei Asai
Sae Young Kim

Git Repo: https://github.com/WeFocus

weaver · 815d ago

I love running pomodoros where the "5 minute break" is a chance to socialize. I like that you've built a product that makes this the norm.

marc · 815d ago

I like!

Tash · 815d ago

I would use this! Thanks for making it :D I would want a way to find and connect with my friends, or even other random groups of people e.g. people at the same school or university or company as me. I feel like working with random people might be more effective than with friends, because they motivate you to study more.

charleshancom · 815d ago

Thanks! IKR? This is precisely the "Lobby with public rooms" idea I listed above

nell-919336 · 815d ago

I like this

nell-077457 · 815d ago

I like the idea and the design, although functionality could be extended.

charleshancom · 815d ago

Thank you! I agree. Thing took longer than we expected but we did get a full video conference app to work. We're not using a paid product for this so that alone is a big win for us

Brickenator · 815d ago

Cool concept, have you all used Forest before? Well built!

charleshancom · 815d ago

Thanks. Yep I've used Forest before. What we want to do is combine that with video conference so that we can actually get to know people while we work.