ZoomTV: Channel-surf the Internet.
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Project Description:
The new channel surfing of the internet! zoomTV helps you share and find great Zoom events, meetings, and get-togethers.

live at https://www.zoomtv.live

Add your event: To add your event to zoomTV, just invite our friendly service bot (zoom-tv-guide@appspot.gserviceaccount.com) to your Zoom calendar event and see your event live at zoomtv.live

Presentation Demo:

Next up:
Content aggregation (scraping)
Archive w/links to recordings
API or web interface for meeting generation
Role or List/based access
Clickable Tags

Team members:
Rishi Tripathy
Justin Wei
Ryan Lieu

v1 Demo!! https://www.loom.com/share/76412cbaa7774860a1165deef9334291

First Image: https://imgur.com/gallery/8glU1hs
See our progress: https://www.notion.so/rishitripathy/Zoom-TV-Pioneer-Hackathon-4-11-cafea30a5b7944ec8d12018d938e818c

Git repo:
Server: https://github.com/rishi-tripathy/zoom-tv-server
Client: https://github.com/rishi-tripathy/zoom-tv-client

OneMoreCookiePlz · 815d ago

would love you guys to pull in some zoom events from outside of your ecosystem, especially high quality / branded ones.

rishi_t · 815d ago

That's our next step- we're reaching out and trying to add as many as we can! You can always add your own by inviting zoom-tv-guide@appspot.gserviceaccount.com to your event!

Brainsprays.com · 816d ago

Nice. I get it.

p_q · 815d ago

This is ingenius. please keep this 1 going

rishi_t · 815d ago

Really considering it! What do you think of our feature list upcoming?

jborichevskiy · 815d ago

Have definitely wished for something similar before, considering how many interesting lectures are happening out there every week.

ryanjlieu · 815d ago

Definitely something that was at top of mind for us as university students :)

mynameisJura · 815d ago

Neat idea. Will be great to have categories

ryanjlieu · 815d ago

Thanks Jura! Definitely in the roadmap - currently we support tagging and search for tags

marc · 815d ago

Love it!

Brainsprays.com · 815d ago

Hope this project is in the top 50! Great job - very useful!

ayush · 815d ago

Nice Idea. This will be helpful for many.

ryanjlieu · 815d ago

Thanks! Appreciate it

williem · 815d ago

Great idea. A nice way to manage too many zoom links that I have for meeting.

rishi_t · 815d ago

Could you talk more about how you'd use it for personal meeting links?

josefran · 815d ago

I love it! Kind of similar to watching the "guide" in cable tv!

rishi_t · 815d ago

Thanks so much! Maybe we'll release a retro theme

platter.dev · 815d ago

Nice! Here's a recent Twitter related thread to get in on: https://twitter.com/jeff_weinstein/status/1247982180308897792

rishi_t · 815d ago

Thanks so much! Drew some inspiration from here :')

dcg · 815d ago

This is awesome. Next obvious steps would be to scrape from the web, interpret time using pytz or something. And things get really interesting if you auto-embed Zoom previews somehow, to make the channel surfing instant.

Anyway, really cool!

ryanjlieu · 815d ago

Thanks! Scraping's definitely next up on our roadmap - we were thinking of pulling data from Twitter actually!

Brickenator · 815d ago

Cool mate!

yunyu · 815d ago

This really uses Zoom for beyond its intended purpose - truly in the original spirit of a hack. Great job!

kamesstory · 815d ago

Great work - love the idea and hope to see you all make the next generation of Twitch.tv! :D

rishi_t · 815d ago

Thank you so much! We take lots of inspiration from Justin Kan and others who paved the way :)

ryanjlieu · 815d ago

We just finished our last build before judging! Site is live at zoomtv.live

rahulgs · 815d ago

this is cool! a better flow than making a meeting every single time i join a meeting