How do you write your privacy policy and terms of conditions ?
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Hey guys, I was wondering what do you use to write the privacy policy and terms of conditions? I want to be thorough because users' data will be stored on the servers and although not sold it might be passed on to trusted third parties for some kind of data annotation. However, there wouldn't be any unique identifiers linked to the data that will be annotated by a third party. · 39d ago

If you haven’t already, I would suggest Wix’s T&C and Privacy Policy templates. I used them to craft those docs for my company website.

phoenixdo · 44d ago

Without massive scale, you can get away with copying an existing Privacy Policies and Terms. I had a VC lawyer tell me that's standard for early stage tech startups, even though he cannot professional recommend. Most documents are similar and there are multiple templates online.

mayireland · 36d ago

Hi there, I currently use - which is free for one template - it's quite good because it's very thorough and is regularly updated to keep you compliant.

evaneykelen · 37d ago

There are open source docs e.g. by Basecamp: I've also bookmarked this one: (looks okay but haven't used it).

mattcrail · 38d ago

Check out for this