's progress update - April 25th, 2022
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What are you building, in a sentence?

GreatAlbum helps you share life as it happens and brings memories to back life.

Project website

What are your KPIs?
Weekly active users
Goal: 30 by April 30th
Current: 20 (Last week: 20)
Number of media items
Goal: 20,000 by April 30th
Current: 18787 (Last week: 11,782)
Number of content items
Goal: 500 by April 30th
Current: 331 (Last week: 321)

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

Google Photos Partner Program app updated
Finish Beta 2.2 sprint
Plan/start Beta 2.3 sprint
More customer onboarding sessions
Read Drupal 8 book

Updated KPI charts/article
Google Photos Partner Program app updated
Figma designs updated again!
Beta 2.2 sprint done, planned/started Beta 2.3
Customer onboarding session
Imported 7000+ Google Photos
​​​​​​​Read half of Drupal 8 book

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

Google Photos Partner Program app resubmitted
Finish Beta 2.3 sprint
Plan/start Beta 2.4 sprint
Customer onboarding guide & sessions
Imported 5000+ Google Photos
Finish Drupal 8 book

What would you like feedback on from the community?

If you had a tool to help, would you use it to capture stories/notes about important moments in your life and the lives of loved ones?

TensorCell · 69d ago

[Transcribed audio]: Hi. Quite an interesting project. I checked your website. It looks really nice. I like the design and probably there all the information that are necessary. Maybe you can just add some more information about the team that is behind. I read your story, which is nice. Ah, I'll check your KPI s. They look good. Everything is fine and it looks you have quite good progress this week. So congratulations. And the plans for the next week looks good as well regarding your question. Yes, I believe that I would do it. Why not? It might be very interesting. I was gonna wish you good luck. Keep my fingers crossed and hope to see more updates in the future.

The focus on family and community gives you a real point of difference, keep up the great work. Having a single connection point for loved ones to share media content has a unique perspective, good luck with your future progress. · 69d ago

[Transcribed audio]: Hi, I really like this update, you guys have a clear idea of what you have done and what you want to get done for next week and it demonstrates impressive progress, so well done on that. The one thing I will say is I think you're your project description, what are you building in a sentence? Could be less ambiguous. Currently it's Great-Album helps you share life as it happens and bring me, brings memories to two back life. I think you could simplify that or make it a bit better by saying Great-Album helps you consolidate your photos across all all the different services. I think that's a clearer description and that's my understanding after looking at your web, your website, what you guys do And yeah, but for the most part it seems like you guys are on track and doing pretty great. Your your updates again were seemingly impressive and comprehensive so well done on that. If you had a tool to help, would you use it to capture stories and notes about important moments in your life and the lives of your loved ones? I'm not sure I'd be the person to use for that. Just because there's photos on my iphone are sufficient

Need more emotion-evoking images on your website showing a positive user experience, similar to the top photo of the two women on the bed with the dog.

This will help potential users envision how value to their fond memories in pictures will be enhanced and preserved with your service. I'm sure Getty Images has loads of those emotion-provoking photos you can license for your website. · 69d ago

[Transcribed audio]: Hi Larry speaker speaking. I would say I'm not your particular user you would be looking for because I'm I am lazy to take photos and let alone to sort them out anyhow. I think it's it would be rather useful. The app as such. What I would consider this is may be far fetched but but I would consider it to partnering with local companies which are printing out the booklets from the, of the photos. So what we do is the my wife and I we every or yearly at least, or for big occasions, we take down all the photos that we have from particular occasion or yearly as I said, and then make a photo booklet because that's a lot more likely for me to take and look at rather than to browse through the photos on a pc or tablet or whatever. So what I would maybe consider is how to partner with local companies which are pretty out the booklets so that you can actually let your customers find their way to the companies which which would be able to provide such service on the local market, cheers.