First opinion from our client!
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We received the first feedback from our customer (Chief IT in the bank institution)! I am so happy and proud of my team that I have to share it with somebody! :)

"After Deep Learning training on TeamSharq platform I must admit that I'm positive surprised. I could see my friends code and during training trainer could solve
my problem just clicking on my workspace.
I see great potential in future for tools like this and I true believe this tool have future not only
for high-tech training or other training but as replacement for Citrix solution.

What work well:
1. Stability of my workspace
2. Navigation and usability of screen
3. Fast back after close browser session
4. Collaboration between workspace and possibility to see trainer code
5. Very good chat window
6. Usability and good experience in application navigation before we enter workspaces."

Yupi! :)

Jimmons · 522d ago

Pretty cool platform. So it's like Figma for your desktop? Essentially a virtual shared computer space?

congrats on the positive feedback!

Pradeep · 524d ago

Keep it up! :)