Podvertizer.com's progress update - September 15th, 2020
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What are you building, in a sentence?

Podvertisor is podcasts sponsorships marketplace connecting advertisers to podcasters through categories, search engine & detailed profiles.

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

1. Outreach 100 podcast/influencers agencies for marketing.podvertisor.com
2. Outreach 200 podcasts for profile creation/pricing
3. Outreach 5 small podcast networks
4. Outreach 100 D2C brands
5. Reddit/Twitter/Quora/ FB groups
6. Linkedin leads >facebook retargeting ads campaign

1. Done > 5 interested
2. 200 podcasters from Facebook groups > 47 filled the form
2.30 podcasts from Apple most popular category > 2 filled up ~~~too early :)
3. Done > 1 onboarded
4. 20 > 0 interest
5. Done but no time to dig in.
6. Done > 0 lead

Adwords: $50 >2 leads

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

1. Outreach 200 podcasts from FB groups
2. Build a list with 50+ smaller radio/podcast networks > outreach?
3. Build ecommerce marketing lander > winter Q4 outreaching focus - D2C Brands!
4. Work on marketplace features

5. Linkedin outreach to brands
6. Brandvertisor - new beta

What would you like feedback on from the community?

Check out my YC Sprint report and give me feedback please?

Project website


coalfacer.com · 397d ago

Well done. Your report is too long for me to review. Add a landing page to pull key details together.

naologic.com · 397d ago

You have a very interesting project but you need to do more work on your Go-to-market. I’d love to help. Here’s how you can do that with $0 https://www.slideshare.net/GabrielPaunescu1/content-driven-go-to-market-guide-for-startups

unmumble.com · 397d ago

You have a lot of images. Do you think you can cut it down to 10pages instead of 13? It is kind of long.

AdjustSquare.com · 397d ago

Shrink/Remove image on page 1. Rotate the title so I don't have to tilt my head to read the title. As a user its hard to know what I'm reading. A good title should make the content of this page obvious. I find myself asking "What is this?".

Spelling errors on page 3 -> increasing*

Podvertizer.com · 397d ago

Thank you so much! I will rework with for sure with native speaker.

deploynets.ai · 397d ago

Hey there, seems like a cool project, congrats! I'm not 100% sure of what exactly you're building though, maybe try to be a bit more specific in your description? Are you targeting a specific vertical? A specific business model? Who are you for? Anyway, good luck for next week!

Podvertizer.com · 397d ago

Podvertisor is podcasts sponsorships marketplace connecting advertisers to podcasters through categories, search engine & detailed profiles.

Only thing I can addon here is that "we match brands & influencers agencies to podcasts"
Rest of your questions are pretty clarified in the 1 sentence :).

The report is extensive and clear, great job.

SunshineLabs.io · 397d ago

I like the idea and see the market. A few thoughts 1) The PDF looks like it's meant to be an argument for why and how podvertisor should fit into a company's brand promotion. Good purpose, poor execution. The writing isn't very good. 2) This is hard, but it would be GAME CHANGING to insert ads mid-stream based on the listener. Might be able to do this in partnership with a podcasting app.

Podvertizer.com · 397d ago

Thank you

Choback.com · 397d ago

Hello, I looked at the YC Sprint report and I thought it looked good! A lot of data to back up your business so I think if you present it well you should be good to go! I would have like to see an actual site but other than that everything looks good! Keep up the good work!

Podvertizer.com · 397d ago

https://podvertisor.com :)

Thank you for the supporting words!

Fortune · 397d ago

Wow! Your attached documents have me convinced. You had an awesome and productive week. I reviewed your report and think it very nicely breaks down your details and specs. I would say one thing, and that is to fix your formatting of text because there is a lot of white space and it does not look that professional. Good luck, you have my vote!

Podvertizer.com · 397d ago

Thank you for the support!
If we fix the spaces, would you get us onboarded on the map :)?

Hahaha definitely, you can be one of the first few when we launch ;) send us your email!

AreaWifi · 397d ago

I checked your report, i never knew podcast generate more listeners than youTube generate viewers. Good job with the update too