What are the amazing startups you've reviewed on pioneer so far?
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Since I joined pioneer 25 weeks ago, I have reviewed some interesting startups that I believe has the full potential to be big in the near future, this are names of top 3 startups I find interesting on pioneer accelerator.
1. 5thprofantasy.com - Nigeria
2. shopdeft.com - USA
3. taskablehq.com - USA

kendsouza · 24d ago

There is no such thing as amazing startups. Only when they are successful..then u can look back and say they were amazing.
There are too many shiny objects which do not pan out.

e.g Theranos was supposed to be amaziing:)

manojranaweera · 20d ago

Love your answer! Don't we like shiny things? I like ideas that turn into solutions and founders keep pushing ahead to get to that instant success, many years after.