We just launched blockchain-based social media today
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Paras is social media that give power to users. It is a place to share and truly own your digital memory. No central authority that can delete your memory. Try it now!

praiseallijohnson · 79d ago

This is a great idea.
How would you monetize it?

paras.id · 78d ago

We don't have any monetization plan for now. We're still exploring the cryptoeconomics that suitable with out use-case.

praiseallijohnson · 77d ago

I see.
With enough active users, monetization will become apparent.

ramseybeing · 79d ago

Much needed in a world of censorship. I wish you the best.

Have you considered the idea about democratising the reporting and banning process, or will it be completely open?

paras.id · 79d ago

We do have feature called Memento which is a group of memory (collective memory) that are owned by user in which they have their own rule. Think of it as a mesh network.

guillermorivacoba · 74d ago

Super cool idea, also I hope its in reference to the movie Memento, a mesh of memories