What's the #1 metric you're tracking for your project right now?
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Mostly just curious. (And of course, what are you working on?)

alexbogert · 646d ago

Mailing List % growth per week. Target = 30%. We've done this for 5 weeks now. Mailing list is at 45 people so this week is going to be our first big challenge.

elias@guineapig.app · 632d ago

MRR :)

CryogenicPlanet · 643d ago

Active uses per day(https://modfy.video/)

Vasek · 644d ago


cilliancollins · 644d ago

Metrics change based on the stage a company is at. At the moment, our primary metric is paying customers. That's what we will use to measure the success of this week. We also use OKRs to quantify things like tasks completed (development-related things).

razin · 645d ago

We are a B2B SaaS, have more than a hundred users (on our beta) but haven't started charging yet. We track weekly active users (WAUs) which we measure by looking at how many people performed a particular action in the app in a given week. Hope this helps!

mirr.tech · 645d ago

Pre-Orders at the moment, soon we will base it on major user tracked issues fixed as we (funding permitting) are planning to accelerate prototyping to reach a much nicer MVP

manojranaweera · 645d ago

No of volunteers for https://skilledup.life

visionary · 646d ago

Unit sales. Previously pre-orders. DAUs as a secondary metric.

braddwyer · 646d ago
gabriella · 645d ago

If you don't mind me asking, what were your metrics in the early days? Before your first paying customer?

braddwyer · 645d ago

Weeks to launch.

But we were actively selling during that time period as well to understand what potential customers valued and needed.

Judging by our historical Pioneer updates, the whole MVP development process took ~7 weeks from conception to onboarding our first external users. We ended up signing our first paying customer only 5 weeks after pivoting to this idea (2 weeks before launching the beta!)

Public launch on ProductHunt was ~6 weeks after that (would have been sooner but Christmas/New Years slowed down the feedback cycle).

stanrym · 645d ago

pre-revenue you should have a goal to talk to users and get revenue. worked for me.

edlintics · 646d ago

Amount of "acceptable" bugs for new website launch!!

alexwick · 630d ago

Websites are never complete. Even Facebook updates regularly.