How my dev tool made $10,041 in 4 days
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Just wanted to share a recap of my recent product launch. I talk about some things I learned, pricing insights and tactics for launching on Twitter.

Update: Well the recap has done pretty good for sales as well! $2,500 so far. I guess I should start writing more...

Yo this is sick! Congrats!!

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What did you use to design the mockups and UI?

gaberagland · 717d ago

I designed Divjoy and the templates that user's can choose in code. No design tool or mockups. For the templates I tried to stick as close as I could to the underlying UI kit (you can choose between Bootstrap or Bulma currently), so default colors and minimal custom styles outside of the built-in CSS classes.

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Wow, that's amazing! Love the play by play of how you optimized your messaging. That's really helpful. Thanks for sharing the details!

gaberagland · 718d ago

Thanks! Glad you found that helpful.

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Really hope you don't drown in supporting all those new lifetime users. I have sad memories of offering a similar deal with dev tools (startup died for other reasons, mainly reliance on core tech which was withdrawn from market). did something similar about 10 (15?) years ago and I'm still feeling odd twinges of guilt at my endless renewals because it was an utter no-brainer to take the deal.

Thanks for the detailed marketing writeup!

gaberagland · 717d ago

Yeah that’s definitely a risk! If the product was doing more revenue I might not have offered such a big discount, but felt money now was better than extra later. Uncertain economic times and all.. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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Have you checked what exactly triggered the growth of interest?
I see you already had an active Twitter page, so people seen your updates
Probably only a single one brought you most of the value.
So, which one really made a difference?

> Which tweet/post/ story / channel

gaberagland · 717d ago

This thread sent most of the traffic and sales: