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Public brainstorming platform where people share and upgrade each other's ideas. · 216d ago

"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late." - Reid Hoffman

As I landed on your link and started to signup this is exactly what I thought about. As soon as I logged in and scrolled down the page I ran into that exact quote as a comment posted by a user named David.

You can see the need for this in ways that aren't apparent to the average person (myself included). Yet you move this thing along by exploring ways to connect that huge need with things people can relate to enough to want to explore the journey. The artwork is a big piece of this (IMO). The next steps towards integrating that into a UI that matches the vision are apparent to you I'm sure. I'm glad you didn't wait until those steps were further along before launching.

We're all launching every day and every hour - that's how this works.

Love your project just as much today as I did the first time I read your post on it.

Congrats on your first "official" launch. Looking forward to being a part of each subsequent iteration.

donychristie · 217d ago

I'm having trouble making a submission or comment. Before I made an account, it felt confusing to me why I the submission fields looked clickable but weren't. I registered and now have to activate before I can post. Is there a way you can make marginal contribution 10x easier by allowing someone to be able to at least start writing in the form field before they have to 1) register and 2) activate?

donychristie · 217d ago

I think I would get a TON of usage out of this site if it could help me solve personal problems and I knew that the people who would respond are very openminded, playful, a bit wacky, very lateral thinkers who grok the concept of "gifting" in improv-speak.

I HATE whenever I post an idea to Facebook and people will give uninspired comments or criticism! Like I KNOW the idea is weird and imperfect you idiots! Why can't you just work with the idea and see where it goes rather than tear it down!?

There's my pain point. · 216d ago

People are people. We are driven by rivalrous dynamics. The need to one-up each other is the force behind the uninspired comments/criticism. Keeping that in check is the most difficult thing from a platform's perspective. We have a few tools in the making that deal with this. I haven't seen these tools anywhere else. It will take a few more weeks for some to show up. Basically everyone will have means to gradually and elegantly filter out such people. It will be a standard practice to mark irrelevant contributions as such. The choice will be personalized per account, however those who are statistically filtered out by many people will be filtered (toned down) for everyone. The more good you do, the more people appreciate you. The more mean you are (driven by desire for status) the less people will see you. · 216d ago

The problem such barrier to entry (which is standard for any known social media platform) is supposed to be solving is the platform prioritizing content quality. Making it too easy to post (easy to abuse) would increase the cleanup workload.

You mean allowing people to write their contribution and then ask for signup/login BEFORE their contribution is actually posted? That could work. It would increase the user's commitment (they already invested work into writing the content) so they would be more inclined to complete the necessary steps to start participating.

At the moment, the incentive to actually want to participate is the open browsing of content. If someting intrigues the user to want to start posting, they will sign up.

The seemingly clickable submission form for non-members is supposed to do just that - show how it would work (but before it does, the user has to sign up)

Is there an example of a platform where the user doesn't have to signup + activate before they can add content?

donychristie · 217d ago

Why is a cover photo required? That can take a lot of extra work to find a good photo. · 216d ago

The cover photo will be optional soon. There will be a default image for each tag. If the user doesn't attach a cover photo then the session's primary tag image will be used in it's place. Header photo serves as a "logo" to graphically represent the session/idea througout the site (search results, homepage listings, etc).

Some (throwaway) sessions might not be "worthy" of a header image. However, there is potential for a ton of great information to get assembled in a session/idea page and make it timeless. The header image is then fitting - like a cover of a good book.

donychristie · 217d ago

I have made a submission. I really like the idea of the site as I am big into collaborative creativity.

I feel uncertain what happens next after making a submission. Will I get an email that someone responded? What if someone's critical of my idea? How will I know if others have posted submissions on that entry? What if someone combines an idea of mine with someone else's idea - will I get a notification? Will I get some kind of reward? · 216d ago

After people react/reply to your submissions you are supposed to get notifications (not emails unless you specifically opt for this or if you haven't logged in for a while and we are trying to get you back). The notification system is currently being worked on · 217d ago

Hi everyone! I had great hopes for today's beta release. Our entire team kept working over the weekend (not just the founders this time) to polish out some last-minute bugs. We released the beta for Pioneers early in the morning. It's now evening in Europe. Nobody from this side of the globe joined to take the platform for a spin.

I realize it's morning time in California. If any of you has the time, your feedback would be much appreciated here

Have a great and productive day!