Have an app? We can build your marketing website for you!
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I used to be an app developer and I spent a lot of time making websites for my apps. Since I was used to native development I had to learn an annoying amount to build these sites, even though I usually bought templates and just customised them.

This week my cofounder wrote up an article on some of the many benefits you get when you create a website for your app:


Here are some of the pages I've created for my own android, ios and mac apps:

We want to build out our "portfolio" of sites created with everypage (https://www.everypagehq.com), so we are offering to build and host peoples sites for them completely for free!

Just get in touch here or on our website and we'll get you up and running

hamzahkhan · 10d ago

That's great content you guys are pushing out. Actually we do have a landing page, but you guys are so good at it. Little feedback on how our's is would help. You can check here - https://swipeupnews.com/

krishan711 · 10d ago

Hey, thanks! It's a nice looking app but the landing page can use a bit of polish. The whitespace, for example, is a bit uneven on the page. In terms of content I think you need quite a bit more on the page. Specifically, what is the USP of your product - "What's the news Today?" isn't great because any news app can say that. Your app store title seems better since it has "verified" in it, it makes me think every peice of news is being vetted for correctness which is a great feature! If you'd like we can jump on a call some time this week to discuss in more detail: https://calendly.com/krishan711/chat

Brainsprays.com · 10d ago

Hey, that's very thoughtful of you and a great way to get quality feedback also! Nice. I'm signing up to get a site done for a new product I finished during my weekend hackathon. Looking forward to the process.

krishan711 · 10d ago

Awesome, you can email me at krishan@kibalabs.com :)

home.wolv.io · 11d ago

Could be useful for a bunch of people. It would be helpful if you could share some example sites you've built already.

krishan711 · 11d ago

Good idea, will update the post!