Moving to the U.S to launch my startup. Any thoughts or prayers?
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sonerhaci · 153d ago

All the best and success in the US, I agree with all the comments and definitely, you should work on the visa first. I would recommend working with an immigration attorney,

estebanvargas · 153d ago

Glad to connect to tell you a little bit more about how we are doing it! But to be short: You can start the business in your country, petition an O-1 Visa, and then come to the US to raise a pre-seed round and keep growing the business. · 153d ago

Can you drop me your email if you don't mind?

estebanvargas · 153d ago
AndyDent-Touchgram · 153d ago

I'd never considered O1 visas because of the way they are phrased. Thanks for making me dig deeper and reconsider.

demonstrate extraordinary ability by sustained national or international acclaim, or a record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture and television industry, and must be coming temporarily to the United States to continue work in the area of extraordinary ability.

Extraordinary ability in the fields of science, education, business or athletics means a level of expertise indicating that you are one of the small percentage who have arisen to the very top of the field. clarifies it and especially vs H1B

Many founders mistakenly believe that they do not meet the “exceptional” ability standard. This is likely because U.S. Customs and Immigration Services have listed the Nobel Prize as an example of an award that would qualify.

a founder’s CEO title will cost their startup hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in minimum salary on an H-1B. In contrast, the O-1 would allow a startup to pay their founding CEO a $1 salary because that visa has no minimum salary requirements.

Fourth, O-1 approval rates are higher than people think. Legalpad, the company mentioned above, has a 98 percent approval rate for the O-1 petitions they file. Here is how they are fitting founders into the above criteria as explained to me by Legalpad’s corporate counsel, Nhu-Y Le: “We have been successful in making arguments that satisfy the award, membership and critical role requirements based on traits that are common to most founders.” · 153d ago

What's your point exactly?

You said you'd never consider O1 visa, but if I got it right, your whole point favours O1 visa.

patrickroxas · 152d ago

His point is that he previously had never considered O1, and he's sharing information that favors applying for the O1 visa.

kendsouza · 153d ago

What is your backstory? Is your goal to immigrate to the US? · 153d ago

I'm open to that possibility. However, my current goal is the startup.

kendsouza · 153d ago

So tell us your startup story. Where u at? What's unique about it? Folks can help u better with their experiences, if your question comes with details. Immigration is a complex topic. You just cannot move to the US to launch your startup. · 153d ago
kendsouza · 153d ago

Those who can always do! The US is a great country attracting great talent all the time.
On the one say you are 'Moving to the US..' but your answers to various questions imply you are not even aware of the US visa process. And you are reluctant to share your story. So something does not add up. · 153d ago

Those who don't know should ask!

Think about this: what will be the point of asking if I know the process? If I were bored, I'd be on Twitter.

Between, I ask for general thoughts, nothing specific, and people offer distinguished ideas, visa included. Again, please re-read the comments; this time, count how many people were as unhelpful.

I just got plugged with two lawyers already, and now I know about the visa process. So I'm way more immeasurable than I was before asking.

Forget about my story, and it is irrelevant when we have a topic to guide the conversation.

kendsouza · 153d ago

And I did ask..twice..what's ur story?:)
It does not appear anyone here was trying to be unhelpful to you. Looks like you are just trolling with your questions and ambiguous replies. · 152d ago

May you want to decipher the word 'story' and be more specific on what you want to know.

Your initial question was answered, and you came back with, "You just cannot move to the US to launch your startup." and the help I got here is so I can move to the U.S. and startup.

It does not appear that anyone here was trying to be unhelpful to me because none is.

I understand and hope you have the purposes to help, so that isn't overlooked; thank you.

kendsouza · 152d ago

It is the 'story' that will get you the visa as a founder and that needs to be extraordinary. That's it. Of course..there are other ways too to get in the US.

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kendsouza · 153d ago

You can't stereotype a entire country based of one person. Trump came to power, but lost it too.

manojranaweera · 153d ago


kendsouza · 153d ago

What policies? Every country has their share of good and bad policies both right wing and left wing ..including UK. · 153d ago

Yep, just like Matt mentions, every state is pretty different, and visa type matters too. I moved here last year from Germany, enjoying it so far in Austin :) · 153d ago

Austin is definitely on the list for me also Florida or San Francisco.

I'm glad you are enjoying it there. Did your startup your company there or in Germany before moving?
Also, if you don't mind, I ask what visa you got? · 153d ago

Happy to continue chatting in private, you can email me at

mattcrail · 153d ago

Good luck! Where are you moving to? How'd you go about getting a visa? · 153d ago

I'm looking at Texas, Florida or San Francisco.

Regarding the visa, I'm not yet sure what route I will be taking; there are a few options but still researching the best to favour my purpose — starting up.

Do you have any recommendations in terms of visas?

mattcrail · 153d ago

Unfortunately, I don't know much about the US visa process, just that it's quite tricky. Also, don't listen to the Twitter nonsense, California is still the place to be

estebanvargas · 153d ago

Yeah! There's people in California who haven't even heard about all this Miami hubbub · 153d ago

I believe Cali is the deal. However, from my research, I'm just in doubt of the standard of living.

But thanks for the help.