Best tools for a founder
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Most important tools in your day to day life? Mine has to be a journal.

Smart phone & Vehicle

ashwinsk · 29d ago

Paper and a pencil. Can't go wrong there!

reecejones · 28d ago


KhurramMustafa · 29d ago

I use the taskade extension. Every time you open a new tab you see your todo list.

reecejones · 28d ago

wow, installing that today!

kendsouza · 23d ago

Just sleep 12+ hours a day..and anything will work for you:)

Sendoff · 29d ago

Calendar.....Gmail, grit, meditation.

reecejones · 28d ago

Grit, by Angela Duckworth is one of my favorite books. Have you ever read it?

manojranaweera · 27d ago

Xmind on MacBook. Map your whole world!

reecejones · 26d ago

Super cool!! Checking it out because of your comment.

ismaelkabore · 27d ago

If I'm not mistaken, this is like a personal virtual trainer, and the difference with traditional virtual ones is that here, it is personalized for your need. You know the training program is set up just for you. If that's correct then this is a very valuable project for the price. Do you offer follow ups after the content is sent to the clients? Congratulations and Great Job...

reecejones · 27d ago

Yes exactly! Thank you!
What do you mean by follow ups?

ismaelkabore · 27d ago

Helping him along the way or he has to just follow steps on content alone

reecejones · 27d ago

Hm, helpful. I'll dive into it.

stefanschuchlenz · 28d ago

I personally love Trello with the "Getting Things Done" template for productivity, calendly with Google Calendar integration for appointment booking, Rocket.Chat as our on-premises Slack replacement and Notion for document management, note taking and information exchange. Apart from that I can really recommend for mockups, wireframes and such and Zoho One for all things ERP (we use CRM, email marketing, invoices, pretty much the whole rainbow ;)

reecejones · 27d ago

I've heard good things about Trello, but I've never used it myself. Might have to give it a shot.

kamilmouthon · 28d ago

Goodnotes on ipad

reecejones · 28d ago

i've been seriously considering getting an iPad, worth it?

kamilmouthon · 28d ago

honestly, makes busy work a little more fun. 100% recommend :) · 29d ago

notes.txt file.

reecejones · 28d ago

huge · 27d ago

For text note file likers there's also obsidian .. Looks interesting.