How long did it take you to become a Pioneer?
Shared by adriankrebs · 17d ago · 12 comments

I just got the second rejection email this week and I was wondering how many you got until you became a Pioneer?
Wouldn't it be great to get some short feedback that comes with the rejection email about what's missing to get selected? · 16d ago

It took me almost 40 weeks.
No rejection tho · 14d ago

We've just had our 7th (32wks total, 27 in top 50). Seems some players do get feed back and others do not.

talishawhite · 16d ago

I'm new here. So do you get rejection emails when you make it to the top 50 and they decide to review you?

jackson · 9d ago

Hey Talisha! Players who've been in the top 50 for 2 weeks get reviewed. If they're not selected by experts, but they stay in the top 50, they'll be reviewed again several weeks later.

gandalf-016894 · 16d ago

I think I am on my fourth one !

AndyDent-Touchgram · 17d ago

I think I've had six so far, which doesn't surprise me as in the entire time they have been evaluating me I've barely released an update and the early ones are very embarrassed by first release ish. · 14d ago

As Reid Hoffman says " If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late"

AndyDent-Touchgram · 14d ago

Yeah, I still think that's got an unspoken corollary something like provided you maintain the right release cadence after the first one

Akshay · 13d ago

3-4 months I believe

ptmn · 14d ago

I was rejected in a monthly tournament. And out of the blue, I won after 5-6 submissions with zero expectation later with an unpredictable pivot. At that moment, my server was down along with a domain. I ran out of cash and have to borrow money from friends to bring everything back. However, in a retro, all of those were norms. If possible, I could write a long essay about how to fail and count rejections as blessings. Good luck, players! · 14d ago

I've got 3 rejections so far. They said that they don't have any feedback :P

johnking · 14d ago

I've been rejected 2 or 3 times too. I'm just building away and leaning on my users to tell me where my product stands. Yes, I agree with you about the feedback. Feedback would be great to have. Good luck on building and refining your product or project everyone, keep your eye on the ball (what your users tell you thru data and conversations).