Anyone been here for more than 17 months?
Shared by manojranaweera · 168d ago · 25 comments

I joined on 1st Aug 2020 - the same day went live.

Keen to understand who joined me around the same time or before me and is still here after all these months. · 166d ago

This week was our 32nd month & 129th update on Pioneer. I think our first update was on July 29th 2019

OliverOxenham · 165d ago

Perseverance pays. Has becoming a Pioneer changed your course of action?

manojranaweera · 166d ago

Wow! You have done very well John. Congrats!

OliverOxenham · 167d ago

I joined Pioneer three times since 2018 with three different products :)

manojranaweera · 167d ago

Wow Oliver!

Care to share the history? If you don't mind, what they are, how far you got and what happened to them?

OliverOxenham · 167d ago

Pioneer was different back then as in it was not an "infinite tournament". We had to get into the top 30 before a certain time and that was hard. Obviously my two previous products did not make it. I was building a no-code website builder for developers. However I did not get enough traction and had to kill the idea. I see some current candidates doing really well with similar ideas now - much better execution than I did. But always learning :)

manojranaweera · 167d ago

Did you kill them because of not getting into Pioneer Top 30?

Is the focus now?

OliverOxenham · 167d ago

No I did not kill them because of that. Just did not have the energy to pursue them.
Yes shopprBot is the focus now. Pioneer helps us stay focus and gives us momentum. · 167d ago

19 months for me

OliverOxenham · 167d ago

Just out of curiosity... Do you know what's missing for you to make it to Pioneer status? · 167d ago

Hard to say for sure as there's not a lot of feedback from the expert reviews but if I were to guess:

1. Lack of revenue or potential for revenue in the near term.
2. Lack of significant traction (we're still working out our product offering & market-fit).
3. We're in a segment that has been tried and failed in hundreds of times = miniscule chance of success (but big pay off if you do).

OliverOxenham · 167d ago

Ah! Thanks for sharing. It’s the same for us and we don’t expect much until we can show real traction.

manojranaweera · 167d ago

You have done well my friend. Constantly in the Top 5 now. Well done Andrew. · 167d ago

Thanks mate appreciated.

jamesaugeri · 137d ago

for sure at least as far back as 5/18/2020, so 21 months confirmed - might have older project before just don't recall atm

damilareololade · 168d ago

Hi there, how long does it take to get an interview from Pioneer? Were you guys able to get an interview and maybe funding? I would like to know how it works, this is my 2nd week here.

manojranaweera · 168d ago

I can only speak for myself. Companies like mine (perhaps it's actually my personality) don't get interviews or reviews. We do get (think others can confirm) rejection emails with no explanation, which I believe are auto-generated.

In my case, no hard feelings with Pioneer team at all. I am not here for investment. Pioneer provides a great way to be accountable to Peers. Plus I enjoy the banter (I'm 53) and picking up an occasional customer. We have three customers from Pioneer.

ROI wise (my time), it's costly.

Sendoff · 168d ago

How do you mean "Companies like mine"? +1 on a lot of the value being in accountability and possible insights from feedback

manojranaweera · 167d ago

They might see me as non-coachable. Plus they may prefer tech instead of no-code. It's a perception I have of Pioneer. I could well be wrong.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 161d ago

Are you saying "no-code" because your platform is built on it?

I don't think that's much of a barrier now. I know Jason Calacanis actively preaches the merit of being built on no-code. For a platform startup, it's almost a red flag to build too complex a tech too early if no-code is a viable way.

manojranaweera · 161d ago

Yes. My type of no code is a CMS.

I think it's a dreadful idea to build on CMS. It's ok for the first few years.

Pioneer is backing tech-heavy startups. They are not backing MRR plays, as far as I can gather.

You are one of the solid tech startups, in my opinion, Andy - opposite of me.

kendsouza · 168d ago

You made me look up as to when I started..been here 12 months already:). The reason to join was to build thinking was pretty much done coming of the pandemic year...but damn..RunPTO sprung back to life and the last 6 months have been amazing for RunPTO's traction.

manojranaweera · 168d ago

Thanks for dropping by as well.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 161d ago

Coming up on 2 years, first update was 10th Feb 2020.