A little bit of stress.
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I never seem to understand how the points system works round here. I constantly have to keep thinking about writing positive reviews, good updates and a set number of reviews hoping that it'll be enough to keep my position in the top 50 or somewhere close to there.

I get that the whole purpose of this platform is to provide solid peer review and to foster a great community of founders (which I respect), but it shouldn't come to a point where I am constantly thinking about my position rather than the progress I need to make in order to progress with my product.

I may just be having a bad day, but is this something that you feel as well sometimes? Share pls

kendsouza · 23d ago

Good feedback here seems to be conflated with 'positive' reviews and the points systems encourages that rendering the entire review process useless. If a reviewer finds a project crappy .i.e ain't going anywhere..he/she will still not call it out.

Am too busy nowadays to give feedback..I just throw my 2 cents here on some posts once in a while. I say it as i see it.

It still works for me though..as once in a while I catch on to some insight..and sometimes I have found services to use here. Not looking for anything else:)

Make whatever is out here work for you rather than having too much expectations of it...just focus on your own project and getting traction for it.

user_1234 · 19d ago

Solid advice here

LinkyIO.com · 18d ago

I think the way to the top here is... Have a nice landing page that communicates simply the product and why of a product people can see succeeding, and most importantly show solid KPI progress .. strong sales numbers. Show significantly better actual sales and user growth numbers than everyone else and you'll rise to the top.

As a founder it's easy to spend your time on wrong things - mechanical things that are fun like writing code, doing this or that thing which makes you feel you're doing something but is actually an avoidance of the things you don't want to do, things that are fuzzy and hard but are the actual important things: figuring how to get users, talking to users, making calls, sales, etc.

So to succeed here and in general .. make real progress and show it!

user_1234 · 19d ago

Maybe this is similar to grading system in school and colleges which i absolutely hate

ashwinsk · 19d ago

Its more like those peer graded quizzes we used to have. You gotta have no enemies and maintain a great rapport with everyone in hopes that they do you a solid and tip the scales in your favor. (why am I still salty lol)

Disturber · 22d ago

I think this app main purpose is to collect information about person, his inteligence and about his bussiness, then give him some kind of offer.

finnstrand.com · 23d ago

Yes, I've felt slightly stressed about this as well. But I'd say the positives outweigh the negatives. I've gotten really good feedback so far. So, worth it for me so far.

peter_retief · 24d ago

Well, it is a game, it has helped me focus and communicate my concepts better.
Made me think about what other people are trying and be considerate and helpful.
Might I even go as far to say it is fun?

ashwinsk · 24d ago

I guess it is. Maybe I'm just a bit competitive here and am ranting like a gamer. I guess i'll get back to it and the results will come!

manojranaweera · 25d ago

I really don't know how Lorenzo stays on No 1. He is a very clever lad and I can only conclude he cracked the algorithm, especially as when he commented on mine, I rarely chose his comment as the best one.

I let mine dropped below the top 100 as I have not been able to review others due to time limitations, but when I review a few, I noticed that I can re-enter the top 100 quite easily as of right now. This time I only managed to review 2 companies and I am back in the 100.

I'm also getting very weak reviews on my own submissions as well as very few. I'm not complaining here as I have not given equal contribution to demand any better.

ashwinsk · 24d ago

Yep, definitely wondering how some of the top groups stay there, but I guess that's always an intrigue for us below. I'm gonna continue the good work and see what happens. Hopefully the algo favors me!

user_1234 · 19d ago

It is all about traction man. Traction is everything. Don't expect too much from pioneer. Only focus on traction. If you will have traction then you can be selected in any accelerator