Egg Hunt Online: Don’t cancel your egg hunt, move it online.
Shared by braddwyer · 818d ago · 3 comments

The startup I previously founded launched egghuntonline today because they were tired of feeling helpless about COVID-19 and decided to do something about it.

Easter is a time where communities usually come together. But all those in-person events are being canceled this year.

The mission was to spend 2 weeks creating a way to connect and raise money to help support those fighting coronavirus.

I'm not involved in the day-to-day at Hatchlings anymore but I'm still an advisor and board member. I'm really proud of them for pulling this together so quickly.

rishi · 817d ago

Love this! I think a demo or video on the landing page would be an easy boost to conversion. Or at least some screenshots if it's not built yet. What exactly am I signing up for?

braddwyer · 817d ago

100% -- I'll pass that along. They've got something playable behind the scenes so exporting a video/gif shouldn't be too hard.

braddwyer · 815d ago

Featured on the ProductHunt homepage today!