Roboflow raises $2.1M, Sudoku-solver turned computer vision platform
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New blog post from Pioneer! A peak into the history of Roboflow and their Pioneer Tournament origins.

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Thanks for the highlight and thanks, all, for the encouragement. We find a ton of value in Pioneer and its community.

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Inspiring :)

manojranaweera · 282d ago

Well done guys. Awesome news.

jonathanrstern · 283d ago

Awesome - Congratulations!!

gandalf-016894 · 283d ago

The 1st Pioneer succès story

josephofiowa · 280d ago

Generous - long way to go

braddwyer · 283d ago

Only just getting started; stay tuned.

Wallace2020! · 284d ago

Congrats and keep it up!

rishikant · 272d ago

Congratulations!! Very happy for you.