Affordable, Accessible, Decentralized Medical Imaging Centers | by Soner Matt Haci | Jun, 2021 | Medium
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What is the future of Medical Imaging? It would be great to heave feedback.

sole-fields · 42d ago

Sure, more and better tech would be great. What are the economic incentives to make this happen? What is the business idea? Are you an engineer? What brings you down this path? What medical imaging are you talking about specifically?

Interesting idea to think about, but would love more research on your end and a clearer vision.

sonerhaci · 41d ago

Thank you for the response, I am an engineer, but my brother is a Prof. at Rutgers and head of smart surgery and diagnostics lab. The most recent and interesting developments are happening in the ultrasound space. like wearable US systems for breast cancer, pregnancy, and more.

McKayla-Berry · 42d ago

Mainly would love more resources Soner! It'd be nice to engage with the conversation, but I know so little about the space. Lead us :)

sonerhaci · 41d ago

Thank you for the response McKayla, the most important trends are happening in medical imaging, especially ultrasound, some companies are developing an ultrasound device like a bra and focus on scanning for breast cancer, others are developing a patch version that you can stick on your body and scan.
The most important fact is that the health care system is becoming decenterelzid

McKayla-Berry · 41d ago

Totally agree that more frequent touchpoints, the better. There is so much cool tech being built today that's pre-emptive / predictive. Anything in that sector is awesome. There was an interesting databricks article posted recently where they mentioned predictive medical tech