Network & Connect like you do at Events, but ONLINE!
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Since COVID, all conferences and events have been cancelled or moved online. And they all basically turned into live streamings of talks

While the content aspect of conference has stayed online, the NETWORKING aspect has died off.. Yet, that's the main reason why people attend events! To meet new people, make connections

Our mission is to bring the networking aspect of events back online!

After syncing your Google Contacts, we will show you all the people you know that are also attending the event.

Besides seeing your contacts and who they know, you can use our "Intro" feature to intro people you know but who don't know each other yet!

We've not been able to finish building all the features. We've spent 90% of our time on backend, which.. after consideration.. was too much :P

Landing page ->


Current design ->

Github ->

Team members:
@Ivan Franco
@Ostap Bregin

nell-182215 · 854d ago

This is a good start for surely an important problem

yunyu · 854d ago

I've seen a lot of apps that send out vcards, but none that integrate with the Google Contacts API before. Great idea!

nathanganser · 854d ago

Thank you so much! You might want to take a look at the Personal CRM we're building (that's our real startup) -->

dnhuan · 854d ago

This is extremely helpful when you want to expand your social circle, great work!

nathanganser · 854d ago

Yeah! Covid is no reason to stop meeting new people!

art3mis-208524 · 854d ago

Networking sure is important

nathanganser · 854d ago

Totally! Now, more than ever! Especially for people who sell at events!

juliegoat · 854d ago

Love it! Some meetups have been using Zoom breakout rooms to randomly assign people so you get the networking effect!

nathanganser · 854d ago

Nice! Have you ever participated in such a meetup? Would love to hear from your experience! Was it nice? Did you feel comfortable moving around from a room to another?

art3mis-882698 · 854d ago

Its good! Ukraine forever :) · 854d ago

Great stuff. Sign me up for the newsletter to try.

nathanganser · 854d ago

Nice! Always glad to have you Nedko!

justinglibert · 854d ago

Really cool!

nathanganser · 854d ago

Anything in particular that you liked?

OneMoreCookiePlz · 854d ago

I like the intro email button to generate a template. That should be in Gmail!

nathanganser · 854d ago

Thanks! Yeah, there are some extensions that you can use like to generate templates :)

rahulgs · 854d ago

been a while since i've been able to make new friends! would love to use this

nathanganser · 854d ago

Nice! We hope to get more online conferences to use us (once we're less hacker-style-like)

art3mis-576504 · 853d ago

Very cool!

WhatElse · 854d ago

Nice hack :)