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I am asking for feedback on our latest update to our investors deck. I would like to make sure it is understandable and pictures a clear image our company.

Could you share your feedback if you have 5 spare minutes? :)!AqR4v4Ozl5s8giM8HBc0xomweHBp?e=59Nqe7 · 131d ago

Here's some feedback, hope that it can be of help.

• Give the logo some margin. Now it's all up in the corner
• Use a higher resolution logo. On my retina screen, it's pixelated
• Use the logo in a bigger format on the front page instead of writing it in text
• Do you need to say pitch deck?
• Change typeface. Can you use the same as in the logotype?
• 'Content' headline and logotype is too close together
• Not use ambivalent chapter names – do 'Team' or 'Company' and 'Areas' or 'Products'. Now they seem very similar and feel confusing. Using only one of them would be more focused.
• Remove bullets from team & company
• Add photos to founders and team
• Areas & products: Check spelling – it's cyber security, not ciber security. There also seem to be some direct translations from Spanish that don't make sense in English.
• Areas & products: Again remove excess bullet points
• To reach all companies created seem unrealistic. More interesting to hear 'how' you are planning to reach companies
• Perhaps add an ending screen, thank you screen with contact details

moonsukkim · 132d ago

I think you can refer to this site that I recently found! Hope it helps.

One thing that I noticed from different feedbacks is that pitch decks should be concise and clear. Unfortunately, I could not really understand your pitch deck just by reading through it. Good luck :)

Starrrr · 133d ago

I use Ediket: when I need help correcting my English. Reasonable price & good service. Good luck on your pitch deck!

manojranaweera · 134d ago

I acknowledge that English is not your first language. So you need to find someone to improve the use of the English language on the pitch deck. It's not just spellings but also the words you have chosen, e.g. Product's tastes.

This is something I wrote a few years back which is still very popular (Google No. 2 for pre-seed pitch deck) I hope this will help you to structure and tell your story.

I get the sense that you are trying to bring many products to the market at the same time. But it is hard to understand what specific problem(s) you are trying to solve.

All the best.

Sendoff · 130d ago


A few points (not reading other comments until I've commented so may be regurgitating)
- Get a native english speaker to translate your WS and deck for you if you're pitching to english speakers. In person translation and language issues are not problematic but documents look unprofessional with grammar and spelling issues.
- I would collapse your products into a suite for the investor deck
- Be clear what you're trying to solve. You have "the security and protection of the web" on your site but for who? and why is that a problem?
- You might be better off doing a bottom up market analysis: (we can sell x of product y in 1 year) instead of 80% of 100k companies as your target market.
- You're starting with the team slide but you're not showing a "super awesome web security" person. where is the tech skill coming from?
- You're not clear on what your go to market strategy is. You have a slide "Reach all small companies" but how are you going to get them? Surely you aren't going to get them all so how have you segmented and targeted them? What are you offering them that is better than the competition?
- You haven't specified any competitors.

see the decks I have suggested in this comment:

- Don't mind Ken. he's a grumpy old git but his comments do have value and there was a smiley face. In all seriousness you'll get a lot of feedback that you don't agree with here. Breathe and ask the question; without being defensive and forgetting the fact that I built this thing and i love it......Is there any truth to what is being said?

user_1234 · 134d ago

Is it whiteboard drawing?

manojranaweera · 135d ago

Are these your own products or are you selling other people's products? · 134d ago

Our own