One of the best free books on growing your audience
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Hey y'all,

My experience prior to entrepreneurship was as a data engineer in genomics and cloud computing. It took some time to realize how to create a solid go-to-market strategy.

I recommend the following resource to other entrepreneurs pretty frequently and felt others on Pioneer might find it helpful. While it's marketed as a free ebook on "success for creators", it's one of the best resources I've seen on how to create and grow the community you need to reach product-market fit.

What's the best resource you've found to grow your community? Please share a link in the comments!

Good luck this week!

Atlas7 · 3d ago

Great recommendation. Hmmm... a resource to grow a community -- one lo fi approach is a newsletter that is published consistently (how Glossier started and Business of Fashion, as examples). · 2d ago

Great idea! Thanks for your response!

jonathanholtby · 9d ago

Not related to growth, but generally for all startup development I can't recommend the Real Startup Book highly enough. It's a very straightforward explanation of the experiments you need to run to find P/MF: · 9d ago

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Any chance you would be open to sharing an example of a successful experiment you ran that you can attribute to this book? If not, no worries.

jonathanholtby · 9d ago

Hell yes I can - my last role we ran a series of rapid iteration alternative market tests, looking for a new sector to sell into. We ran the Generative Tests all the time; we would literally just schedule a meeting and chuck them together on the spot. But as soon as we had a good hypothesis we'd run Google Ads / Landing Page / Conversion form 404 Smoke Tests on all the options for that hypothesis on a 72 hour schedule.

Here's an example: We at one point decided we wanted to explore selling our technology into the Alternative Lending market, which is a subset of fintech. We set up six 404 Smoke Tests one afternoon, each starting with a Google Ad tailored to a perceived market problem, and ending in a landing page selling a different version of our value proposition. When one of the ads hit a high rate of return we'd convert it into a full conversion pipeline and double-check it with an outbound sales campaign. · 9d ago

Thanks for sharing!

So how would you attribute that experiment to this book you shared? Does the book go in depth on how to design, create, and moderate 'Generative Tests' that can help you ultimately achieve product-market fit?

jonathanholtby · 9d ago

Yes, sorry - thought you'd already read it! My bad, I'll explain. The book has three sections: an introduction, Generative Experimentation, and Evaluative Experimentation. The intro covers how and why founders should be experimenting and using the Lean methodology. Section two is all the different ways to do Generative Experiments (which are designed to come up with good market hypotheses) and the last section is all the different ways to do Evaluative Experiments that confirm (or disprove) the hypotheses you've come up with.

CryptoSearch.Info · 9d ago

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palakjajoo · 11d ago

Thank you. Will definitely check it out.

One resource on the methodology to create viral content : Book Fast, Cheap and Viral by Aashish Chopra. Why I am suggesting this is because it tries to teach you framework on how you can create shareworthy content, which in turn will increase your reach organically. · 10d ago

Thanks for sharing!

CryptoSearch.Info · 10d ago

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palakjajoo · 11d ago

Hi, I can't find the book online. Can you share the link or the name of author. · 10d ago

The book can be found by clicking on the name of the title in the article.

It will direct you to the following website:

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

palakjajoo · 10d ago

Oops, sorry. Missed it in the title. Thanks for resharing :) · 9d ago

No worries! I hope it's helpful.

CryptoSearch.Info · 10d ago

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manojranaweera · 11d ago

Thanks. Will take a look as we need a lot of help at · 10d ago

No problem!

Based on other comments, you're a pretty busy guy. This book makes it easy to read small sections one piece at a time.

I hope it's helpful!

manojranaweera · 10d ago

Sent it to my team. So thanks for the share.

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