Pioneer London (UK) unofficial Meetup
Shared by alessandrosolbiati · 17d ago · 3 comments

I am Alex from, currently 85th world-wide in pioneer tournament.

We just joined the tournament and we love how it pushes us to work harder, might work even better if we meet in real life with other pioneers!

We are based in London, UK and we are organising a meet-up in real-life for progress updates/meet other founders from Reach out to me at +447799648936 if you want to join us!

bestie_pupeno · 16d ago

Reach out how? SMS? WhatsApp? I'm also London based.

alessandrosolbiati · 16d ago

anything! WhatsApp Is great :)

bestie_pupeno · 14d ago

I sent you a message, did you get it?