What's your tech stack?
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EDIT - Folks, thank you all, who shared their stacks. Originally with this question I meant how does the Pioneer's (that platform we are all here using) tech stack look like. But people started sharing their tech stacks here and I thought it's interesting to know what tools you are using so I didn't say anything.
I think it's even better now!

nijynot · 75d ago

React, Relay, GraphQL, MySQL, Node.js, Redis.

ctodunster · 69d ago

Python, Django, AWS S3, Heroku, Redis

gandalf-016894 · 75d ago

Java swing java3D, babylonJs,...

deepmoji.app · 76d ago

Swift, Python, PyTorch, Firebase

marcknowles · 77d ago

Ollie uses:
- Flutter for mobile
- Firestore as the main database
- SQLite as device database
- React for the doctor web-app

blainekasten · 77d ago

Adio web is built on react
Adio native us react native
We’re currently using super powered for an audio engine
We’re writing our own audio engine in rust currently which will run on iOS, Android, web (wasm) and serverless functions.

sunim · 78d ago

Prep uses:
- Next.js (landing) -> prep.surf on Vercel
- React Native (frontend+mobile) -> surferprep.com on Vercel
- Node.js + Koa + GraphQL (backend) -> heroku and AWS
- Prisma (database)

SamStowers · 75d ago

Dozy uses:
- React Native frontend w/Expo for development & packaging
- Firebase for authentication & database

Currently setting up a way to manage scheduled push notifications, that'll either be a Node server or some cloud functions.

team@yomi.ai · 78d ago

Yomi.ai currently uses this stack:

- Vue, Vuex, Vuetify, HTML, CSS, JavaScript hosted on Netlify
- Rust with actix-web API hosted on heroku
- Redis hosted on RedisLabs
- Postgres HA via GCP Cloud SQL
- Cloudinary for hosting images
- AWS S3 for hosting audio files
- Python, Node.js, and Rust for data pipelining

braddwyer · 78d ago

jQuery, page.js, and firebase on the frontend
Node Firebase functions on the back-end (except we've started migrating parts to our own docker containers running node & python for performance reasons)

PackageHub · 79d ago

- Node.js Fastify backend
- React frontend
- React Native for mobile
- Hasura GraphQL for DB (postgres)

parzival-915041 · 76d ago

What do you pair Hasura with for Auth? Or is Auth done in the Node backend (which presumably sits in front of Hasura?)

PackageHub · 75d ago

Right now I have a remote schema pointing to a graphql server pointing back to Hasura... (graphql server in front of Hasura hurts your performance pretty bad), but might move this to an action instead

ramseybeing · 79d ago

React Native for native apps.

Angular.js for web apps

Node.js backend
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paras.id · 79d ago

- NEXT.js for frontend
- NodeJS for backend
- MongoDB for database

I believe what we do here doesn't require crazy engineering stack, just keep it simple. No need kubernetes or any other "big" tech, it doesn't seems like we gonna deploy 1000 services everyweek

tjkatalenas · 79d ago

React.js Redux FrontEnd, Node.js Express Backend