Track your goals (mini side-project)
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Hi Pioneers,

I spent a few hours creating a little side-project that I call

It's a service that lets you create a page where you can list your projects and track their current goals.

What do you think? Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Finn

Sendoff · 90d ago


What is the opbjective of this tool? I'm asking cos we use OKRs to track progress and Pioneer has KPI's and weekly feedback so it seems a bit superfluous here. If I'm missing something then point it out please.

Tx · 90d ago


Thanks for checking it out! I guess it doesn’t really have anything to do with Pioneer. I built it before I knew of Pioneer and joined.

It’s more related to the ‘build in public’ and ‘open startup’ movements. Sharing your progress to inspire others while at the same time doing some marketing.

My own site is powered by it, so that’s an example of how one could use it.

manojranaweera · 89d ago

I'm building (actually a Volunteer is building for) a leaderboard for our companies at It will be slightly different from Pioneer, with more revenue-based.

manojranaweera · 89d ago

I think your idea is cool. Can I try it out please? · 89d ago

Thanks! It's not completely ready yet. Did you sign up at I'll start to invite people from that list when there is something more tangible to test.