Podvertizer.com's progress update - September 22nd, 2020
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What are you building, in a sentence?

Brandvertisor is brand advertising marketplace helping brands, ad agencies and website owners to buil direct advertising ROI partnerships.

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

1. Outreach 200 podcasts from FB groups
2. Build a list with 50+ smaller radio/podcast networks > outreach?
3. Build ecommerce marketing lander > winter Q4 outreaching focus - D2C Brands!
4. Work on marketplace features

5. Linkedin outreach to brands
6. Brandvertisor - new beta

YC Sprint final report: https://bit.ly/YC-Sprint
X 1. We are still onboarding first 60 from YC Sprint
2. List Done > Outreach next week.
3. Instead we start D2C brand ambassador programs directory https://Brand.cm !
4. Done > continue next week
X 5.

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

1. Fill-up @Brand.cm 30 big brand ambassador programs
2. Build D2C Brands marketing services landing page
3. Start inviting 30 small D2C brands to list on Brand.cm >upsell Podvertisor:)!
4. Outreach to 100 podcasters

5. Re-start Linkedin outreaching for PR/branding clients?

What would you like feedback on from the community?

feedback please, even it's still under development

Project website


fov.ie · 390d ago

I love your quantative goals, was really concrete evidence on your progress. Love your idea as well. The pitch deck is pretty much perfect as well. Very simplistic, which I like, and extremely well designed. Perhaps for the three problem pages they might be too simplistic (unless it's meant to be plain for emphasis). A few graphics might help engage the audience a little better. Keep up the good work!

kloudi.tech · 390d ago

The deck is well designed and has a constant theme. One thing you could work on could be re-phrasing solution1,2 and 3. Makes it look like you have three solutions and you aren't sure which one would solve the markets problem and you are still testing.

Podvertizer.com · 390d ago

Thank you! I've put the 3problems & 3 solutions in a single slide now.

joinpeek.io · 390d ago

The pitch deck is so clean! The problem and solution are very very clear. Can’t wait to find out about the team

dap.land · 390d ago

Good progress!

Alienmaths.com · 390d ago

Podcasting ads would be very useful!

tomohq.com · 390d ago

Great job, actually stumbled across your page a few days ago so great to see you all on Pioneer!

rushpie.com · 390d ago

Nice idea and great website...
I'll advise you work on minimizing the content of your pitch deck though...
it's bulky and bulky is kind of boring.

mesh.online · 390d ago

So when I read your deck, I'm still not really understanding what problems you're solving. I think it would pay off to invest a bit more time into better communicating what problems you're solving. Maybe make it approachable or easier to understand if you're not in the industry.

extrafounder.com · 390d ago

This is interesting. I'm looking at both creating a podcast for ExtraFounder.com but also looking to advertise to podcast listeners.

Podvertizer.com · 390d ago

Great, ping me and we can create a case study to find you podcasts with entrepreneurs audience?

Yup. That would be perfect. What's your email?

Podvertizer.com · 389d ago

nedkov @ podvertisor.com

Exambites.org · 390d ago

Great work, amazing progress.

dukaanshala.com · 390d ago

Good to learn about your progress. I feel that problems and solutions can be explained in one slide instead of multiple slides because it is making your presentation lengthy. Rest, everything looks quite representative to me.
Excited to learn more about your project in future. Good Luck!

Podvertizer.com · 390d ago

Done that, thank you! :)