Holmes verdict an indictment of Silicon Valley’s ‘fake it till you make it’ ethos
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Not sure whether the 'pretty landing page' startups with fake promises works anymore. I am sure dumb money is still around...maybe it does work once in a while:)
But as always.. build something real and of value which someone can use and pay you for it.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 135d ago

and yet, apart from Tim Draper (with family connections to Holmes), no significant SV investor backed her - it was "stupid money" from other places

Jason Calacanis made a great point about what the prosecutors failed to do - they failed to ask any of the investors who refused to invest in Theranos why they walked away.

kendsouza · 135d ago

Theranos is just 1 example and you are right about there being 1 SV investor. But there are several other examples where SV investors are part and parcel of the startup fraud(knowingly or unknowingly).
The Theranos case just got the 'fake it till you make it' ethos to the limelight.

I think we are on another precipice of a 2000 dotcom stock bubble again with a lot of unicorns with no way of ever making any money. There are several buzzword vaporware startups who have got funded around AI, CV, NFT,Web3 etc Of course, the concepts are great and is defintely the future just like the web was a great concept in the 2000s with a great future... but just like in those times...there are are lot of frauds exploiting the current concepts.

user_1234 · 134d ago