Pioneer Community Discussion - Should I pivot or persist?
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One question that comes up frequently from players in the Tournament is: should I keep doing what I'm doing?

From the Pioneer Codex (

At the end of the day, your success is tied to your excitement about a problem. Devote time and energy to things you care about. As in writing, it's unlikely that your first draft gets published... be dynamic, shift your solution and talk to users frequently until it works.

When have you successfully pivoted or persisted in the past?

kendsouza · 31d ago

Started with RunPTO( Pivoted to developing RunHOA ( when schools shutdown during the pandemic last year.

But schools have resumed and RunPTO is gaining a lot of now am back to it. The focus is now entirely on getting 1000 paying subscribers on RunPTO.

Will eventually get back to RunHOA too, so I have 2 successful products side by side.

oras · 31d ago

I don't know if it is pivot but I have created extra features for Job Description AI to post to Google Jobs and soon to other platforms. There will be also another product in the coming 6 months.

The new product will be the main offer for enterprises and the current one will be for startups and recruitment agencies.

I am in private beta right now, time will tell about the decision.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 31d ago

Both pivoted and persisted. Yet to prove either was successful but hopeful!

I had to put Touchgram on hold for two years when my co-founder quit (long spousal story) but came back to it.

I've worked solidly, despite many discouragements, getting an embarrassing version on the store and building out the tech based on user feedback.

But there have been pivots and wasted effort.

Biggest was pivoting to deliver inside Apple iMessage, rather than starting as a standalone app.

Had a significant alternative structure for ads aspect which I dropped after getting feedback on a trip to Social Media Marketing World 2018 - my approach didn't offer advertisers the information they expected on consumers of ads. Ironically, thanks mostly to Apple, we're now in a world where advertisers are being blocked from that information anyway.

ptmn · 31d ago

Most of my pivots always has a strong factor called emotion.

Probably I did have an excitement, but it was ten years ago. I personally don't think much about the past. And each time, it was always a waking call with a new perspective. I found something more important than anything else. And if I hadn't do that I would live in regret till the rest of my life.

To me, startups mean to build for the future. Similar to my previous journey with frontier research. It is all about spotting the missing piece of a big picture.

macOS · 31d ago

That's good advice.

Actually, there are a lot of ideas that I am excited about. However, choosing the most approachable one is a tricky deal for me. At the moment I am reading this book Measure What Matters - 9780525536222 - (2018). And it has nice concepts which help a lot with breaking down a big objective into sub categories and where you should devote your energy.

And in terms of pivoting, I divide my objectives/decisions on a macro and a micro levels. I make micro level pivots every single day. However, I change my macro objectives when I stumble upon a problem that was not obvious at the start and which is basically way out of my reach.

I made my big pivot regarding the startup idea last year. Although I was excited about the idea, I personally wasn't making progress with it, people with similar ideas were moving faster and making me obsolete. I could persist, but that'd be a foolish thing. Essentially, I want to see a growth in my learning, and quality of my output.