's progress update - January 10th, 2021
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What are you building, in a sentence?

GreatAlbum is like Netflix for photos/videos. It imports Google/iCloud media, auto-organizes, and enables you to browse, watch & share

What are your KPIs?
Complete basic Google Photos integration
Goal: 50 by January 31st
Current: 12 (Last week: 10)
Active beta users
Goal: January 31st
Current: On schedule (Last week: On schedule)
Pitch to 8 founders/investors in January
Goal: January 31st
Current: On schedule (Last week: On schedule)

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

Complete Beta3 sprint. Complete demo video, to show how GreatAlbum works. Hire Upwork contractor to build Google Photos import module. Practice 4-5 min pitch to two peer founders. Reset KPIs.

-Beta3 extended to this week; rebuilt Drupal8 site using Composer, instead of Pantheon; time sink!
-Did't do demo video, but did pitch to two founders
-Posted Google Photos project on Upwork
-Submitted session to NERD Summit

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

-Complete Beta3 sprint w/site rebuild
-Complete "How GreatAlbum Works" demo video & page
-Hire Upwork contractor to build Google Photos module
-Test notification feature in DEV
-Practice pitch to two peer founders/investors
-Blog posts

What would you like feedback on from the community? 1-min pitch video (so far)

Project website · 623d ago

This looks like an interesting project. Good luck! · 623d ago

I watched your pitch. My fundamental advice is: do more user discovery, specifically: what isn't working for people with iCloud, Dropbox, Google Photos, Instagram etc. and try to understand if it's a truly urgent problem for them. Are they willing to pay to solve the problem?

I personally am not sure what the precise user pain-point you're solving is. That needs to be *crystal clear*. Blunt feedback, hope it helps! · 623d ago

Hi Thanks so much for your feedback. I'm surprised the probably wasn't crystal clear. Even with the tagging that does exist in those services, photos/videos just get lost in the ocean of volume. I have over 150,000 photos/videos in my library. I've pitched this to 50 friends & family, all of whom have agreed it's a pain for them also to find media from specific events, or to create any kind of highlights collections/videos. GreatAlbum will pattern match based on date/location/#media to create events, which it will then tag with Individuals, Place and related media. You'll be able to refine those events, give event type & tags, and be able to easily browse/share your "biography" of selected/all events and related media as you like. · 623d ago

Really good idea - I like the 1minute pitch video too! Great job with the blogging, I'd update the landing page to make it more attractive to leads · 623d ago

Good idea. I'm going to turn the landing page into HOW IT WORKS.

dantop · 623d ago

How do you plan to have a market dominance and which market are you focusing on?
Also i would conduct a research to see who are my competitors and come up with a plan or solution that will make you to beat them to market regardless wether they launched before you.. I would also consider the team that will work on the project. You have my vote.

SUPER_Inheritance · 623d ago

I think you have a great idea. The problem with the video pitch I noticed that distracted me was the word heavy reading. Rather than explain that much, try animating how the concept will work.

Visuals are you friend, since you in the photo organizing game. So animate visuals. I also think reading out loud what your typing deflates the passion for this startup. Look, I know its costly and time-consuming to animate