Equity for Partnerships
Shared by rijoncharne · 73d ago · 3 comments

We are thinking about bringing this person onto our team who specializes in partnerships. This is great for our brand and she is in the exact market we need. We are a prelaunch company, so there is no money for salary and she is okay with that. We were going to offer her a percentage of every package that is sold, but she asked us about equity today. We would be open to giving her some equity, but we have been burned in the past. How much is reasonable and how do we prevent ourselves from giving equity to someone who may not be with us in a year or two?

andrew-miit.co · 72d ago

All our founding team are on a four year vesting schedule with a 12 month cliff. That helps to limit the downside. Template is here if you want to take a look: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1flgYBFnY4KQRd2GIv1Sd-2kVV4Vv7zFsmQAMnRWqpRo

manojranaweera · 53d ago

What made you go for 4 years instead of three Andrew?

andrew-miit.co · 52d ago

From my research that seemed like industry standard and something that would be viewed favourably by potential investors.