How has your product/company changed from talking to users?
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ramraghavan · 644d ago

Whilst, I knew the solution to build and being a visual I created the entire journey and got it coded. All of it seemed to flow perfectly (atleast in my head). I spoke to a few people who provided some feedback but something was amiss. I got a few users to share the screen and then go through the journey.. That revealed areas where they struggled, what could be clarified, simplified or eliminated altogether.. Seeing them use your product gives a perspective which you would not get just by talking to them.

gaberagland · 645d ago

Talking to users has been crucial to ensure I'm building the right features. My product ( is a tool that helps people spin up a React codebase with things like auth, db, payments, landing page, etc. There are an endless number of things I could provide customers in their codebase (specific types of components, CMS integration, image upload, etc, etc), but I can't do everything. So I try to talk to customers as much as possible, find out what they're building and what they find lacking in the code that Divoy gives them, and then only implement the things I keep hearing the most.

manojranaweera · 645d ago

In my case, I knew exactly what I want to build What's happening now is I am tweaking it taking feedback into consideration. It won't change drastically at all for a few years but messaging will change, as a result of engagement.