[March 19 @ 12pm PT] Get live feedback from Pioneer (*Rescheduled from 3/16*)
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We're hosting another player feedback session! Our founder Daniel will publicly answer questions and give feedback to projects in the Pioneer Tournament.

Post your questions below by Wednesday 3/17! We'll select 10 or so to cover during the event. Questions can be general (e.g. What are the most important qualities in a first hire? When should you worry about competitors?) or specific to your project (e.g. Should I be thinking about monetization? Do I have the right KPIs?).

Feel free to include links to screenshots, demos, decks, etc.

Check out the last one here.

noobleapp.com · 99d ago

Hey Daniel & Rishi!

We have updated our website.

Last time our pitch might have confused you. We are not summarising podcasts rather we are incentivising people to consume and share knowledge via micro-podcasts. Do you think you get that message from the new design?


Adam · 97d ago


From a look at https://cloudblast.network ... what do you think our product is?

How would you phrase the value proposition?


Hi Daniel, Rishi, and the team!
Roman from timeOS is here :)

I've made two very different landing pages and I really need your feedback on which do you think is better in terms of "Okay, I get it!"!

1: https://timeos.co
2: https://timeos.webflow.io/main

Also, I have a question:
I'm a solo founder and my backlog of feedback, bugs, and features requests became scary + I need to build some UI interactions that are out of my technical skillset. (I'm looking for a deeply technical cofounder but it's not the priority now).

What's your advice on working with contractors from Upwork and in particular how do I share a codebase with them in a "safe" way?
I clearly won't outsource the whole development as I only need to accomplish some specific tasks and implementations.

Thank you so much!

Kiter.app · 99d ago

We launched a pricing plan a month ago. We have a subset of our users that use the product enough that suggested a willingness to pay $5 a month. Since then, we have not seen the conversion that we anticipated. Should we extend the free trial period, go back to no fees, or continue working on conversions?

michaeljelly · 99d ago

Hey Daniel, Rishi, and team.

I'd love feedback on our new landing page, beyond just the hero section (https://www.ethi.me). Our vision is to build the personal data OS, "Segment for consumers", "Plaid for personal data" does that sound compelling?

kumar_abhirup · 99d ago

Hey Daniel & Rishi!

Kumar here.

A few months ago you reviewed the website PropagateAt, after I got an awesome teammate and mentor, we redesigned the entire brand, incorporated a Delaware C-Corp, and we are now renamed to Beam. (itsbeam.com).

We launched on Product Hunt, got exciting applications from very huge creators (Real Estate, Beauty, Stock tips influencers) and we will start onboarding them this week.

Would love to have you review the new landing page itsbeam.com (Looks bad on big devices or zoomed out windows, we are fixing it soon), would love to know your thoughts on the copywriting.

Also one more question,
PropagateAt used to have Pricing tiers for usage, but now with Beam, we have moved to the Substack model, which is completely free, just takes 20% cut in all the creator-fan transactions, like when a fan pays for a monthly subscription to SMS newsletter, or when the fan tips the creator by texting "TIP 5" message.
What are your thoughts? Direct Tier Pricing model vs Application Percent Cut?

sergeamouzou · 99d ago

Hi Daniel - thanks for conducting live feedback sessions.

I built Finmod to quickly project financials.

- Enter a few variables and it generates charts and reports for you instantly.
- It has many input variables out of the gate to use.

Would love feedback on the project.

Demo: https://youtu.be/LmJHsTTh-fk.
Website: https://www.finmod.io/

basheirhashim · 100d ago

Hi Pioneer, I am launching Whizle.com, a Lifelong Learning network. A free platform for learning from books, video lectures and any experts' content on the web. I'd grealy appreciate feedback specifically on the app's : is it clear what does it do, the onboarding experience. I am also sharing a link to our deck and what love to learn how can we make it better. Many thanks. Basheir

App: Whizle.com
Deck: https://bit.ly/3rMGusy

emilepw · 101d ago


I'd love some landing page feedback on https://pygma.app and any drive-by feedback on the pricing model.


visawire · 101d ago

Hey Pioneer team! I'm revamping my landing page this weekend and adding the product offerings: https://www.visawireapp.com/

Do you have any feedback regarding the value proposition and overall layout of the website?

My goal is to attract skilled workers worldwide that would be good candidates for immigration and set them on the right path (basically make them immigration-ready)

shanehenchin · 102d ago

Hey Pioneer team - it would be great to know if our landing page (https://globalstack.tech/) really drives home the points below.

1) educates users on the problem we're solving and
2) makes clear what value there is in offering users localized pricing

Global Stack

gandalf-016894 · 102d ago

like to ask for feedback on:
- Our website: https://free-visit.net
- Our question:
Solo funder. Divorce, kids : need to work to get money.

Question ->The fastest way to get client so I can break my chains ?

huongngtm · 102d ago


I'd like to ask for feedback on:
- Our website: http://ai-cam.app/.
- Our story:

We are working to get the smartest AI features to security camera, while we notice that many people worry that these features come at the cost of privacy. Because video footages are often processed on cloud server, many are not encrypted. So we do all the processing offline. USP = smart camera + privacy.

stroom · 102d ago

Hi Daniel G. -

I have built a deal underwriting and revenue management platform for Commercial Real Estate. I'd like to get your feedback on 1) Demo 2) Enterprise Sales.

I am finding selling into REITs and Asset management Companies a bit challenging due to the long sales cycle. There are several teams at large companies and it's been tricky to identify the right user for the product or people to talk to. This is because often times the team paying for the software / decision makers is not the same as end user. Do you have any suggestions on navigating this customer journey at large orgs to find the end users?

Company / Product website and Demo feedback:

- https://youtu.be/R5UpROc64-0
- https://stroom.app/

danielgetman · 102d ago

Hey other DG,

I've been running FB ads on my product ($16 item). My engagement is high - 11% CTR, steady flow of likes, comments, and shares. I have not been converting people though...at all. I've tested different offers and people didn't even order it when it was free.

Could you please check out my site and give me your feedback on where the likely friction/objection points may be? If I can figure out how to improve the leakiness of my funnel, with stats like that it should quickly start generating great returns.


Daniel Getman

murmurcars.com · 102d ago

Hey Daniel, I am building Murmur is a customer data platform to help brands connect with their audience in the real-world. We give brands real-time street-level data where their audience is hanging out and show brand messages in from of the audience via smart mobile car-top billboards. Using our smart car-top billboard technology, Computer Vision, AI, and big data, we can collect data in real-time and use it to create optimized online ads.

Would love to get feedback on my website: https://murmurcars.com
How will you pitch my company and what red flags do you see as an investor?

radihuq · 102d ago

Hey Daniel! I'm working on engineeringblogs.io - a search engine for corporate software engineering articles.

My question: would you bookmark my site? why/why not?

Link: https://engineeringblogs.io

Thanks for your time!

jameel · 102d ago

Hi Daniel - I would love some quick landing page feedback and learn some ways you would think about monetizing online veteran events. Also, would you think about opening this up to veterans from other allied nations, or do you think that would complicate things?

Thank you so much!
Link: https://fallin.today/

Matthew_Brooks · 102d ago

Hey Daniel and Rishi!

I'm creating Incognito for Slack, it's a Slack app for anonymous feedback and polls directly in Slack.

I have just started getting paying customers (6 so far). They have been giving me good product suggestions which I'm working on and it's going really well, with trials coming in too.

My question is, how best to scale from ~10 customers to ~100 customers? Any insights on how Karma Bot did it so well?

I feel like my app is in an adjacent space and they've grown to 23K MRR which is quite impressive. Of course, any product/landing page feedback is very appreciated as well.


talishawhite · 102d ago

Hi Daniel!
Fetxh (pronounced Fetch)
I would love feedback on my landing page, and an answer to the questions:
Does the landing page get you excited or intrigued about the offering?
What problem do you think Fetxh is solving?
Link [https://fetxh.com]

BruceLee · 97d ago

cmon guys, too much rescheduling from your side lately. Let's make it at 4pm or 5pm PT. I cannot watch you live at 12pm...