Pioneer voting - feature request
Shared by oras · 224d ago · 10 comments

During the voting, sometimes I come across ideas or startups that I do not have any constructive feedback to add.

It would be great if there is a choice to skip.

At the moment, I can't move further unless I write something.

alessandrosolbiati · 223d ago

I actually have the opposite feedback, I always max out 300 character on every feedback. I really wish I could write more! If you don't know what to write guys just go and try their product and tell them if they have some bugs (most time they have). Please remove the 300 characters limit on the feedback :)

Miriam_Dorsett · 222d ago

I would like more time to give feedback. I want to leave meaningful comments and I don't feel like I have enough time between when it opens and closes.

MeetBit · 222d ago

I agree with this! I feel like with some companies I have to do a bit of research to provide proper feedback and would love a longer time to answer.

mkaic · 222d ago

Agree with this, although I still think the biggest issue I run into is when two updates are like almost exactly equal quality, so voting 100% for either of them feels wrong. Wish there was a "Tie" option.

Gabi · 223d ago

I also struggled with this initially because I felt like I didn't know much about some domains. But then I challenged myself to try to learn and observe what I can, rather than to try to know, and even just by asking questions/sharing what you notice or wonder that would be helpful. I found that when people have pointed things out for me that didn't make sense to them it helped me refine my thinking/work/writing.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 221d ago

When in doubt, pretend you just stumbled across their web page. First impressions are always valuable and there are very few pioneers who are offering to only a specialist market.

jenniferdundon · 224d ago

I noticed that they added some questions near the text box to inspire feedback , like would you use the solution. I think they're new.

Gabi · 223d ago

Yeah! I love this :)

NFT-gal · 221d ago

Me too! Great add. · 221d ago

Probably they should give us coins to invest into a startup product (virtual funding). And keep answers to some standard questions about the product and how they will make money. This will be interesting to see which company gets funded. Some criteria for refilling the coins would be amazing.