Roast my "fundraising kit" — guides and templates
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Hey doers and makers!

I interviewed 100+ founders about fundraising in 2021 and now decided to put that knowledge into one Notion page. Who wants a sneak peek in exchange for some feedback?

What's inside:

- How to find investors?
- How to get meetings (warm intros / cold emails)?
- How to run investor meetings?
- +4 more guides

- Cold emails
- Warm intros
- Investor follow-ups
- +5 more templates

- Free 30K+ investor database
- 15 deck examples
- 20+ other tools

chinazaokpechi · 107d ago

Hi Pavel, congrats on the launch! It looks like it's going pretty well as you're 2nd on Product Hunt. What was your launch strategy! and which communities did you post in? A small thing to change: "Fundraising kit" on your navigation bar is spelt incorrectly.

PavelGvay · 107d ago

Fixed the typo, thanks for reporting it! My strategy was simple: get as many upvotes in the first hour as possible and then hope for the organic traffic to pick up. I teased the kit in 10+ startup communities 2 weeks before the launch to build an audience that can support me in the first hour. 300+ founders reached out to me. I responded to all of them. I literally had 300+ 1x1 conversations going on over my Telegram/Email/Twitter. On the launch day, I just reached out to all of them and asked if they want to support the launch.

I'm finishing writing a detailed guide on how exactly I got 800+ upvotes. I'll email it to all subscribers later today. Have you signed up for the kit? If not, I can DM the guide to to you.

Arha · 119d ago


PavelGvay · 117d ago

Emailed you on your email. Btw, love your website, it's gorgeous! · 121d ago

Sure sounds good, happy to have a look :)

PavelGvay · 120d ago

Great! Check your DM on LinkedIn · 118d ago

Hey did you send anything?

timothytaylor-2 · 122d ago

Sounds awesome - I am keen.

PavelGvay · 122d ago

Thank you! I followed you on Twitter, please DM me @pavelgvay

lukmanabimbola · 122d ago

I’m interested. I’ll love it

PavelGvay · 122d ago

Awesome! Connected on LinkedIn.

harsmeetaujla · 122d ago

I'm in

PavelGvay · 122d ago

Looking forward to your feedback! Emailed you at your email.

Sendoff · 123d ago

I'm in

PavelGvay · 123d ago

Thank you! Connected on Linkedin

manojranaweera · 123d ago

Hi Pavel, long time no see. How's the traction of

PavelGvay · 123d ago

Thanks for asking. We've launched the MVP, got 100+ customers in one month, but quickly realized that we need to fix onboarding (done), add investor scoring (done), and speed up investor research 10x (in progress).

We're going to launch a big update in late Jan and then double down on marketing.

manojranaweera · 123d ago

You might be interested in referencing (both mine) UK fastest growing tech companies and investors backing them pre-seed pitch deck - On Google No 2

manojranaweera · 123d ago

Presume above (your original offer) is linked to the same product, isn't it?

PavelGvay · 123d ago

Not really. I will launch this Notion page on Product Hunt to get some early testers of Shizune V2. But at this moment, I'm just looking for feedback on what I should add/change.

DMed you the link on Linkedin