Tips for Improving your Content Marketing Strategy
Shared by mattcrail · 8d ago · 1 comment

Hello everyone. Recently we've made big improvements to our content marketing and thought it might be helpful for the Pioneer community.

Here are a few ways we've done it:

1. Spend more time in communities where your target audience hangs out, find the questions or headaches they have most often where you have some insight or experience, and gear content towards that. For instance, we noticed a lot of people asked about how to launch on Product Hunt, so we created a guide for doing just that.

2. Start with minimum viable content. A blog post can start out as a comment on Frontier or in Indie Hackers, or wherever you spend your time. If it resonates, then turn that comment into something longer form - like a blog or video. Our PH launch guide started out as a comment I made on Maryna from Growth Channel's question about launching in a Slack group!

3. Keep sharing it - you might see the same question over and over again. Share your insights as a comment, and link back to your content for more information. I used to write blogs, share them once on social, and call it a day. However, most of your content will be evergreen - keep sharing it where relevant. Synthesize the key points for people.

Would love to hear any other tips y'all have for improving content marketing.

wimsikal · 8d ago

1. Always show your audience that you're listening.
2. Create content that helps people to get what they want.
3. Show that you have the ability to deliver value.

Think: What do you have to do differently to keep people coming back to you?