Roboflow / BlkArthouse Collab
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Excited to share the results of Roboflow's collaboration with (fellow Pioneer project)

We commissioned a custom piece of Roboflow-themed art from one of their artists, Von Deon, and got it printed on a limited edition T-Shirt.

We interviewed BlkArthouse founder Tatiana Rice and Von Deon about the parallels between computer vision and art and the commonalities present for builders in all industries. Be sure to check out the video (and stay tuned to the end to find out how you can get one of the T-Shirts!)

tatianarice · 572d ago

It was great to work with you all, and the shirts look awesome! Excited for the future of both projects.

mattcrail · 571d ago

That looks great - nice work

shunyamada · 572d ago

Congrats Brad :)