Medici: The interest-earning wallet for digital cash
Shared by julia · 533d ago · 4 comments

I'm working on Medici, a "decentralized finance" project allowing people around the world to earn interest on stable cryptocurrencies. Based on the landing page, which value props stand out to you (if any?)

brandon · 533d ago

Who's your ideal user? Could you describe an example of how Medici solves a problem for that ideal user? I'm US-based and not particularly into crypto, though might be more obvious to someone who is.

(Btw, minor typo in this sentence "Under the hood, these digital assets are lended out and you and start earning interest right away.")

julia · 532d ago

@brandon here's what the target user looks like:

Demographics: Age 18 - 35. Not necessarily a crypto user. Can be a "mainstream" person, optionally crypto-curious

Pain points(any of the following):
- Travels internationally for work/study/leisure, or has family overseas -> needs to think about foreign exchange frequently
- Affected by price of imported/international goods and services (i.e. Indian family paying tuition for American university, Brazilian company paying for software in USD, individual purchasing foreign-made video games/apparel)
- Living in a country with depreciating currency (i.e. relative to USD or other major currency) or economic downturn (i.e. inflation)

And thanks for the typo correction! Fixed.

brandon · 531d ago

Got it! Again, I might not be the right audience, but even trying to put myself in the shoes of one of those mainstream users, I have trouble imagining seeing the landing page and immediately thinking "ah yes! I want this!"

One option could be to pick one of those use cases (perhaps whichever is the largest opportunity) and make the value much more explicit.

julia · 525d ago

Thanks for the honest feedback, Brandon! Nailing down the target user and that "hero moment" is our #1 priority right now.