Pioneer should classify startups according to the stages they are at to compete
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My startup is at "Pre-seed" stage. I already have a product-market fit. I've noticed that most players GIVE VOTES to startups that are already fully matured. If only Pioneer should classify us according to our stages to compete, then we'd all be competing fairly.

BrandonMusa · 144d ago

It's a bit unfair to dismiss what OP is saying its a bit understandable for anyone to reach such a conclusion. The projects that are up voted are not entirely fully matured but the fact that they pointed that out means those projects have something that a lot of others still don't; flare. OP just hustle hard! Be bold and charismatic and don't be afraid to highlight your best bits. Highlight your work in a way that makes it seem like no one could possibly outshine you! Well atleast the top projects have that effect

EqualBroker · 143d ago

Thanks for your positive reply.

davidcrombie · 144d ago

I must be stupid because I joined to get feedback. Hasn't stopped yet. Winning isn't only measured by getting into Top 50.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 144d ago

I've noticed that most players GIVE VOTES to startups that are already fully matured.

That's an interesting claim as the voting is completely opaque. Are you saying you hacked their system to see the data?

How you do voting is supposed to be purely about the progress a startup makes week-by-week The project itself matters, but we're also looking for applicants who demonstrate impressive productivity

You seem to be stirring for the sake of it and that's very much against the spirit of Pioneer and what's supposed to be discussed on Frontier. · 144d ago

I'd add to this that in all the pairings I've seen they tend to be at similar stages. I've rarely (if at all) seen a well established startup matched against an absolute beginner, so it seems we do compete at our level and as you move up you get paired against better and better startups which is exactly as it should be.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 144d ago

Yeah, thanks Andrew - I meant to make the same point and forgot. In about 30 weeks I've never seen a pairing I regarded as weirdly out of balance.

EqualBroker · 143d ago

I like your explanation. Thank you. · 144d ago

Yes I've noticed this too, there's at least one here that's raised a million and the global top 50 ones seem to be able to cover a small staff. Everyone else seems pre-seed at various stages of PMF

dandelion · 145d ago

Most Pioneer projects I've seen don't yet have PMF so if you do you actually seem ahead of the curve. I have friends that have won Pioneer without a launched product. · 144d ago

how did they win this? it must have been in the earlier days of pioneer. Did they still have something, just not publically launched?

leandermaerkisch · 144d ago

Nope, just happened to us recently. We've been testing a lot of things with nocode/non-tech tools in the last 4 months and it worked. With these learnings, we now know what to build and why. · 135d ago

Voting is meant for the project that shows the most progress from the previous week. We have a project with no investment or funding but are showing consistent progress. We are number 7 in Europe and number 22 Globally. It's all about progress no matter what stage you're at. I can definitely see where you're coming from though.

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cilliancollins · 142d ago

We're pre-seed and coming in the top 20 globally. It's definitely possible if you put the effort in! You need to make your progress more impressive than everyone else; that means doing more impactful and actionable things than established companies who are just 'earned $X this month'. Personally, I think it's more impressive if someone signed up 100 new users and showed rapid growth than if someone just sat back and earned the same amount this month as last.

manojranaweera · 143d ago

I wrote sometimes back about classifying investment rounds May be of use. SEIS is related to UK only.

manojranaweera · 144d ago

Anyone who says they have achieved product market fit does not have it. Secondly, Pre-Seed is also moving upwards.

EqualBroker · 144d ago

I believe that you have a PMF when you've built in a way for customers to keep using the service because the more they use it, the more they feel that they can't live without it. This is the kind of service that you as a founder would USE, if it was currently existing. But it does not, & so it is the reason why you as a founder try to solve it.

manojranaweera · 144d ago

It's a lot more than that. I think you are describing problem/solution fit.

EqualBroker · 143d ago

Can you Please explain the difference between problem/solution fit AND PMF.

manojranaweera · 143d ago

I thought I have blogged about this before, but can't find it. See the diagram in the middle of this page

I use £100k revenues as a demonstration of achieving problem/solution fit and £1m revenues as a demonstration of product/market fit.