Solver - get any problem done together with an expert.
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Solver - enables software engineers, students in this field as well as companies to get expertise from more experienced fellows or people with the same experience. Our service enables professionals/ students/companies to get in touch with people who went through a similar problem and can solve it together over a phone conversation.


Beginning programmers and students who study remotely through online courses spend a lot of time spending a lot of time on StackOverflow in finding solutions to common problems. Many companies want to organize work remotely, but do not know how to do it and feel safe.
Spend extra hours and get frustrated or give up.
Our Solution:

Solver is a place where you can find IT professionals who can give advice or solve your problem. Solver a place that enables IT companies e to connect with an expert on how to start the transition to remote work or its organization from cratch. Solve is a place where programmers can consult with experts and save time when solving specific practical problems. Its a place to solve all your IT problems.

Team members:
Vitalii Stukalov
Mikhail Skroznikov
Alina Toichubaeva

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deliverator-544575 · 814d ago

This is an awesome idea! Very simple and direct way to get tailored help for specific problems.

yunyu · 814d ago

You guys could put Stack Overflow out of business!

bhargava25 · 814d ago

idea is great is it similar to chegg

deliverator-140970 · 814d ago

Chegg is more tailored to academics, while Solver is focused on solving real work problems for beginner software engineers, professionals and companies who need experts who can quickly solve it or had the same experience.

hermione-768476 · 814d ago

Love the mentorship idea!

braddwyer · 814d ago

I like this idea a lot; I learned how to program thanks to the help of strangers on the Internet.

bilbo-baggins-720839 · 814d ago

Me too. But sometimes really need help from human for explain something.

han-solo-880285 · 814d ago

To thrive, i think we need better community than stack overflow currently. Great Idea, Kudos

macket · 814d ago

I thought about service like this many times. Good job!

bilbo-baggins-720839 · 814d ago

I am sure all programmers thought about this at least once.

deliverator-140970 · 814d ago

Thank you, everyone, for comments and feedback! It's very valuable. So glad it resonates and really solves the problem!

bionic-hra · 814d ago

This is cool! Is the idea to stay focused on detailed problems or try to be a more general platform such as fiverr, etc?

deliverator-140970 · 814d ago

Yep, the idea is more tailored to specific and detailed problems, when you need experience in the same field and work. Sometimes there is a problem not as much of knowledge, but specific experience in the problem that can solve ones problem in 5min phone call or just taking a look at code or issue.

Deleted · 814d ago

Interesting! I can see this is like an "intimate" version of StackOverflow, where you get better mentoring instead of just waiting and hoping to get your questions answered. Great job!

nathanganser · 814d ago

Love it!

skroznikov · 814d ago

Thanks, guys! We tried to make the project based on our own needs

deliverator-140970 · 815d ago

What do you guys think?