Feature Request: A chronicle of the feedback we have sent in the Pioneer Tournament
Shared by JetBrains · 28d ago · 8 comments

It would be awesome if this feature enabled.

Also I would love to see the graph/visualization of upvotes and downvotes over time on our projects. It would be sick.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 25d ago

Note that you get emails when people respond to your feedback, which shows you the whole page for that week.

As I have a shocking memory, I have protective habits including copying many things to Evernote. So every review I give, I copy what they posted and my response into a note for that week. Being able to search them keeps feedback time consistent

I also avoid embarrassing myself with I just had this great idea which would be the same thing I thought of a month earlier when I looked at that founder's page!

I also have a spreadsheet of the entire voting results for my postings.

It really doesn't take more than a few minutes to set things like this up and update them each week - the time saved in reviewing more than covers the effort.

JetBrains · 25d ago

Hello Andy, yes I know you do that, you mentioned it before. And that's a very neat tactic.

However, I wanted it to be within the Pioneer Dashboard. Maybe it's a time for Pioneer 3.0? I wish they could gift us with something special post Covid stress. Pioneer 2.0 is a little dusty already. No doubt, there will be a lot of exciting updates from the Pioneer team, but I wanted to hear it sooner.

JetBrains · 28d ago

Since we are participating in voting/feedback sessions one-to-one, I believe that our feedback should be private, not be seen or easily shareable by other players and should remain only between the matching participant. I think that the Pioneer's feedback mechanism/process needs a little of adjustment. Instead of our feedback going public, we should be allowed to see the history of feedback we have sent, and I think this one will be a much greater forcing function on the quality of feedback we make to others.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 25d ago

Allowing us to see the feedback we've sent would be a relatively simple thing for them to implement. It's just a slightly different filter within Frontier, to list those.

Separating out our feedback so it is private would require more re-engineering and I'm not sure it's a great idea. However, from memory, there's an incorrect claim on the intro page to the Giving Feedback process - some reference to feedback being private?

JetBrains · 25d ago

Yes, I reckon they can do that, in the blink of an eye or in a one sip of tea :) However, would they do that? The incentives for them are not clear to me.

What intro page you are referring to?

As far as I remember correctly our feedback was private back in 2019 circa. And if we wanted to reply we could do that via Discord interface, it was a one-to-one discussion. However, our feedback is public discussion now, and our progress updates are easily shareable via the link, which I am not favor of. And I don't like Discord, I wish it was possible to use all of that within a Pioneer system. Maybe they could setup a custom IRCd with sleek UI/UX?

That's my two-cents. And just a gentle warning it should not be perceived as negative/nasty. Communication issues from my side hah? :)

I like Pioneer though, and will use it no matter what.

hugomontenegro · 28d ago
JetBrains · 28d ago

Thanks, but it shows only incoming feedback. But I wanted to see the feedback I gave to the other players in that particular week.

hugomontenegro · 27d ago

ah, makes sense!