Where do you find your B2B customers?
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manojranaweera · 32d ago

Linkedin. My network is now nearing 10,000. Trying to slow down as much as possible.

chaz_socialcycle · 31d ago

I have been working on a project to organize sales pipelines on social media channels like Linkedin.. if this is a pain for you to keep organized with 10k connections, I would love to have you take a look at our free beta @ socialcycle.io

manojranaweera · 31d ago

I'm also hiring back my old developer to repair all the broken apps on https://unified.vu - this extend visibility across from the CRM. Single customer view.

manojranaweera · 31d ago

Thanks Chaz (hope that's your name). I am a CRM and tag junkie. Any segmentation happens at CRM (CapsuleCRM), so I am unlikely to invest time doing it at two places.

chaz_socialcycle · 31d ago

We consider ourselves a top of funnel lead source for funneling SQL's into CRM. Do you believe there is viability in that white space at the very top of funnel prior to CRM interaction?

manojranaweera · 31d ago

If your tool integrated directly with Linkedin and pulled all the contacts including emails, Linkedin profile, mobile, etc, then that would have been something. Hard to do these days due to Linkedin restrictions.

chaz_socialcycle · 31d ago

Agreed... we do have a search engine that helps with prospecting, from there we are applying somewhat of an enterprise sales process via social media engagement that ends with a direct message attempt to get a call scheduled which would then pass to CRM. It is somewhat of an omni-channel Linkedin Sales Nav (but in very early stages).

visionary · 32d ago

LinkedIn. Reach out to connections who work at companies you're interested in selling to.

chaz_socialcycle · 31d ago

Agreed! My project helps organize your social media workflow and prospect for leads on social if it interests you: socialcycle.io (sorry for the self promo, but I had to do it )

Brainsprays.com · 32d ago

Hi Justintime. It depends on what level of B2B you're selling (SMB?). However, First Round Capital just released a tool to help get connections for B2B deals. Here's a link. http://bspray.me/1stRoundB2B

joncowley · 32d ago

We're sending out LinkedIN invites using some automated tools to people in our buyer persona. We're starting the conversations more like "we're looking for feedback on what we are building..." as opposed to "buy out product". We haven't done a full launch of our product though - so treating this more like customer discovery/plant seeds.

chaz_socialcycle · 31d ago

What are your thoughts on automating that outreach vs shrinking your net and being more personalized with less leads? Always curious what people's take is on this subject

ramraghavan · 30d ago

I use something called Linkedhelper to help connect with people who are operating in my space and narrow the search to a smaller zone.. I was surprised to see how many people were there in such a small area. Process is, Invite to connect, send first email with some content, second follow up to find out if they have questions, request their feedback or request for a catch up call. It works!

chaz_socialcycle · 30d ago

Do you see this approach working on social channels other than Linkedin? How are you tracking who to follow up with on Linkedin?

PatrickW · 27d ago

This might come off as a little blunt, but I heard it on YouTube from a YC person. You should already know who the customers are and where they are at if you came up with a solution to a problem they have. Otherwise you have a solution that has no problem. If you are looking for connections, try LinkedIn, door to door, and stuff like that. Best of luck!!

elias@guineapig.app · 18d ago

While I agree with PatrickW that it's important to make sure that you're not a solution in search of a problem, we're also at a place where we're looking for more ways to contact companies than through our network. Here are our ideas that we're exploring to find our best first customers that could desperately need our product:
- Companies that are using or have used a competitors product. Look for case studies on your competitors sites, ratings and reviews on G2Crowd, Capterra and app stores. They've already proved that they have the problem, so if your solution looks better they might try you out!
- Partners and distributors of your product or service. Look for complementary companies and organisations that may already have relationships with the customers you want, contact them and see if they want to set up a partnership to help you reach these customers.
- Companies actively broadcasting their problems. For us, since we're in the corporate benefits space, we're looking at companies displaying that they offer awesome benefits for their employees. Maybe there's an equivalent for you where companies boast about solving the problem your product addresses really well. That means it's important to them.
- Of course, using your own network or trying to grow your network by participating in communities, events, and reaching out to people in the industry is also great.
- Ads and lead generation might be possible, but I'd greatly discourage it as it costs money up front and it's unlikely to work well this early. Do things that don't scale.

Best of luck to all of us! :)

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trustcog.com · 30d ago


Three growth levers used by essentially every B2B businesses to get started:

Tapping your personal network (i.e. his friends)

Seeking out your customers where they are (i.e. Twitter)

🗞 Getting press

staskulesh · 32d ago

They come to us via Slack and MS Teams app marketplaces. https://karmabot.chat + https://timebot.chat are not suuuuper popular, but we get ~750 new teams monthly.