The Benefits of Solo Leadership of Pre-Seed Startups
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This post evaluates the number of benefits a founder has when attempting to scale a business idea during the bootstrapped, pre-seed stage.

1) The opportunities for scaling business development faster are second to none: the business scales at the speed you wish for it to.

2) The number of calculated decisions you make without the fear of judgment, mismanagement of interpersonal relationships or teams are exponentially greater.

3) The sheer opportunities for meaningful sales revenue become greater as more effort is brought to develop a good product instead of just focusing on sales volume.

4) The number of leadership development, personal and professional growth opportunities are second to none.

Solo leadership during early stage startups have crucial benefits for founders. Members of Frontier who are solo founders, you’re welcome to list down your benefits to being one below!

Blake · 1d ago

Forced adaptation/problem solving. If necessity is the mother of invention, "solo founder" must be the Daddy. I've lost count of so many stupid problems I have to overcome, simply because I had no money or co-founders. It makes you smarter or tougher, one way or another. I don't even recognize myself from when I started.

manojranaweera · 18h ago

Hang in there buddy! There are plenty of us out there!

ive found working with others vs working solo to be much better. More options when you get overloaded. More perspectives. Just because you can wear all the hats doesnt mean you should. We are all limited by time after all

Theres the other downside of more mouths to feed when it comes to the raise though :(

manojranaweera · 7d ago - just one man. I love it this way at the start.

As this is just the second product of, it's getting less love, but it will get there!