Feedback request for a friend
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Hi everyone, a friend of mine is working on a project and wanted to have some feedback about what people's feedback would be.
Here we go:
Business cards are essential, but you give out so many of them that you just forget them in your bags. Business cards are a useful tool to network and stay connected with your colleagues
Business cards are great but they are limited in the information that can be stored on them.
They are made completely of paper.
They require a printing machine and other machines to make it. These machines consume a lot of energy making them not eco-friendly.
What about if you had a smart business card that can store all your business data, files and you can share it with your customers, partners through touch or Bluetooth? the same card will also track and notify you about your meetings
But the most important future will be :
ecocard is a business card that allows you to plant a tree with every meeting you make. This way both you and your new client have a sustainable way of doing business meetings. You will be able to choose trees (oak, maple, or walnut) even giving you the option of choosing between full-sized or seedlings. It will track your carbon footprint ( how you commute to the meeting, etc ) and reduce your and your companies carbon footprint.
Would you or your company be willing to use a smart business card instead of paper business cards?
Thank you for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

gandalf-016894 · 270d ago

LinkedIn has replace most of the usefulness of business cards.

The only time I see it's usefellness it in (rare) Industry meetings. I come back home, store the email of the business card, then drop it in the trash.

braddwyer · 270d ago

This was a popular startup idea 5-10 years ago (I can think of 3 examples that were trying to build startups around this just in our small city). None of them took off.

For someone trying it again, having opinions about why they all failed (and how you will be different so you don’t repeat their mistakes) is a prerequisite.

Some hypotheses:
* Strong network effects working against
* Old habits are hard to break
* The tech wasn’t ready yet
* The target audience were smartphone late adopters
* Maybe the purpose of business cards isn’t really exchanging contact info
* Business cards are “good enough”
* The people likely to be early adopters of this new tech are “weird” so it doesn’t catch on

Depending on the reasons you think those previous attempts failed, the product and company you build will be quite different. (Eg if you think it’s the “weird early users” thing maybe you go after influencers and celebrities first like Twitter/Clubhouse did. If it was that business cards were “good enough” maybe you push on the cleanliness/COVID angle and build on the “no handshakes” sentiment now.)

sonerhaci · 270d ago

Thank you for the great feedback, it is not my project but I will forward all the information. Really great information

manojranaweera · 270d ago

I gave up business cards a long time ago. There is simply no need for them in my humble opinion in a country like the UK. They may still be relevant in other places.