Slidecast: Slides + Audio
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Project description:
Currently, screen recording of pitches, presentations, webinars demand huge efforts in having good software for recording in high quality, video editing skills, and a video hosting platform. Imagine doing this for several presentations, could be very time-demanding and expensive.

Instead of recording your presentation and uploading / sharing heavy videos with your team mates, just record your voice over the slides and share a Slidecast. Spend less time with video editing or paying video hosting platforms, instead, improve your sales pitch or presentation.

Team members:
Frank Moshé @frankmoshe
Vivianne Costa

Git repository:

sunim · 854d ago

Heck, you made the two things work so seamlessly. The idea is capitalized could do wonders

frankmoshe · 854d ago

Thanks! We will continue working on this after the hackathon!

furiosa-854056 · 854d ago

Nice! Will save a lot of bandwidth!

shawn · 854d ago

Love this! You guys identified a really good problem and solved it pretty well. All the best!

frankmoshe · 854d ago

Thank you, regards from Brazil!

nell-182215 · 854d ago

Very cool

nell-919336 · 854d ago

Pretty cool if recording the video is not feasible.

frankmoshe · 854d ago

Yes, most of the time, video is not feasible in many countries with low bandwitch. Also, in other cases, webinars and similar stuff are just a presentation recorded in video format. So, why not just add voice + sounds.

yunyu · 854d ago

Really smooth demo! Would love to see what your take on the recording UI is.

frankmoshe · 854d ago

Thanks yunyu. The recording is made in the browser, just allowing access to the microphone or uploading an audio file.

nmtan · 854d ago

Super cool! Love the speech as well, a favorite of mine.

frankmoshe · 854d ago

Yeah, that speech is powerful!

frankmoshe · 854d ago

Update 2: After fighting with some issues, we finally deployed our demo Slidecast at

frankmoshe · 854d ago

Update 1: Figured out how the browser works with audio recording. Also, how to upload the recorded audio to cloud.