Bit gutted with my ranking today
Shared by manojranaweera · 29d ago · 12 comments

Just a ranting.

I was 33 in European ranking earlier this week and now push down to 41. I even reviewed 20 companies before the deadline hoping I could break through the 30.

I know some of you are breaking through to Top 10. Is this because your product is loved by others or that you are killing it with your KPIs?

Or just lucky? I always believe you have to make your own luck.

Put me out of my frustration folks!

jeremyorr · 28d ago

Don't sweat it.
The score on Sunday would seem to me to be the score that matters, it's in flux the rest of the week. I would even go so far as to suspect the score Pioneer goes off is your score right at the weekly update deadline.

As soon as the update deadline hits, everyone looses 150 points as the oldest set of "Votes you've submitted" and "Feedback from other players" is dropped off the tail.

You then have 24 hours to score your 50 points for "Votes you've submitted." and depending when you look others may have already scored all 50 points.

Once that 24 hour voting period is over you will start to accumulate your (up to) 100 points for "Feedback from other players" and during that time there is a lot of movement, because remember at the top of the ladder the scores separating you from others above and below is slim and 25 points can be several ranking spots.

So if your feedback gets all 100 points right away, you might see others overtake you during the week as their feedback points come in. Same in reverse, you may have dropped down until thursday or friday but then you get a few more teams rating their feedback and you pop up a bit more.

I don't have a great feel for the nuance of the "Ratings from players and experts" but I'm not certain how large an effect that has overall anyway.

kamalsprasad · 23d ago

I've had ups and downs. Yes, it sucks, but how you proceed will determine success or failure. Meditate, then get back to making your app the best it can be. ALl the best!

manojranaweera · 23d ago

Thanks. Wise words. Right now the focus at is to get to 1000 volunteers. In terms of usability, we still suck big time. Not had time to touch it for many months now. I know it can be a thousand times better.

lukefrendo · 29d ago

Yeah, I feel you. Part of the issue, I think, is that we’re forced to review too many peers. It takes at least a full hour every Monday. And the truth is that towards the end, I start growing tired and give less attention. Monday’s also a day we meet and work until the early hours of the night, so it feels like a bit of a unnecessary distraction. I really think Pioneer should reduce the number of reviews to half the amount.

manojranaweera · 29d ago

I did 20 reviews thinking I could progress on rankings.

I'm doing a how to become a VC course and reviews are so far down to 3. · 29d ago

Same happened with me last week even though I got good count of upvotes as every week :P

alessandrosolbiati · 29d ago

hey I am sorry for your lost rating. Actually is there more visibility around the rating process? exactly how much point you lose gain week/week and why? (e.g. can I see who voted for me and how that exaclty impacted my scoring)

jonathanrstern · 29d ago

I've been a bit confused as to the methodology behind what they call 'Ratings from players & experts'.

Here's what they say: "Your score will change as other participants and experts vote on you during the Pioneer Tournament. Scores change based on the quality of other players. For example, if you’re upvoted over a top player, you’ll get more points than if you’re upvoted over a low-ranked player. You still get points if you’re upvoted over a low-ranked player—just not as many. The best way to reach and maintain a high score is to demonstrate impressive progress every week."

Honestly, I think the best anyone can do is just to keep at it! Submit updates, do the personality quiz, the puzzles, and review 20 projects each week, and you'll be near the top of the board in no time. Good luck!

alessandrosolbiati · 29d ago

yes I would actually love a ping from @danielgross or other folks from pioneer to explain what is the exact formula beyond that "'Ratings from players & experts". It would really motivate me to get higher in the ranking, might as well post this on twitter.

manojranaweera · 29d ago

I doubt it. I do all this every week. The only thing I can assume is that everyone is better than me.

I'll be here for a while. Not disappearing.

manojranaweera · 29d ago

Back to thirties now - 39. Still not happy.

I try to be creative every week by describing what we do differently and always asking a question.

manojranaweera · 29d ago

Most people tend to just post a comment without even reading anything. I don't let them get away easily though.